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Your Spirit is that part of you which is the direct creation of God. Your Spirit is the highest aspect of who and what you are. Your Spirit is devoid of all elements of human personality and character. It is a direct fragment of the Divine Life of God.
The Spirit is one with all and understands, fully, that oneness, as well as its oneness with God, its Creator. The Spirit is perfect and universal in all aspects, save one: the Spirit is not God.
The Spirit is the highest expression of universal individuality — an oxymoron which contains, within, many keys to truth — and has its roots with God and with all the spirits, within the highest realm of Creation; a realm which we cannot even begin to comprehend, here on the Earth plane.
The Spirit knows everything, because there is no new thing under the sun. Furthermore, there are no evil spirits. The most heinous people to have walked the earth were created in the very same image as were the saints. On that level of life there are neither saints nor sinners; there is only Spirit.
Your Spirit is perfect in all ways. Why? Because God is perfect in all ways. There is only One, greater and more “everything” than your Spirit: God. Remember, we were created in God’s IMAGE as Spirit. Thus, as with any image, we are not the original. God is the original; we are the image. As Spirit, we may be a perfect copy, but we are just that: a copy. As perfect an image as we may be, we are, nonetheless an image. Thus, there will always be a distinction — ever so subtle, though, it may be — between us, the Creation, and God, the Creator.
Thus it is in Heaven, so to speak. But, what about here, on earth, where we live and breath and have our being?
Just as God created us in His image, as Spirit; in order for us to live the Human experience, we created an image in the likeness of our Spirit. That image is the Soul.
Your Soul is that part of your Spirit which has human character and which links with the human experience. This immediately brings to mind the question: Are there other realms of life, within physical creation, not human in nature, nor connected with our planet? We believe there are. Furthermore, we believe that some Spirits — also created in God’s image as Spirit — have chosen to experience realms of life and Creation other than the Human experience. But, let us focus upon ourselves, members of the Human Kingdom, with the planet earth as our physical home.
Because the Spirit is perfect, the Soul is an expression of that perfection, but to a lesser degree. Again, your Soul is an image of your Spirit; just as your Spirit is an image of God. It is the Soul which “descends” from the home of the Spirit and resides within a level of Creation somewhat removed — in terms of vibration — from that of the Spirit. The Soul is closely linked to the Earth plane and the human experience.
The Soul is sometimes referred to as the “higher self” or that part of us which guides, through intuition and through its connection with the Spirit and with God, our earthly affairs. The Soul has its roots in what we traditionally call the Spirit World, but it dips its feet, so to speak, from time to time, onto the Earth plane.
Like the Spirit, the Soul does not experience evil or negativity directly; it responds only to goodness. However — and this is a big “however” — the Soul’s response to goodness is only as powerful and vital as the presence of goodness within its various personality manifestations, here on the earthly plane. Thus, on the level of the Soul, we have limitation.
The Soul is limited and it is evolving, and that limitation is manifested in many ways. The Soul can respond to its own goodness and to the goodness around it only to the degree in which that goodness is made manifest in its earthly incarnations. Like the Spirit, there are no evil Souls. Unlike the Spirit, there are “less good” Souls. This is very important to understand.
Within the home of the Soul, spirituality is measured and made manifest not by the comparison of goodness and evil, but by the various degrees of goodness manifested within the multitude of Soul lives. Where there is little goodness, there is little activity and life. As the Soul evolves, through successive incarnations, it becomes beautifully glorified and its aura takes on hues and colors unlike anything we can perceive with our physical eyes. The clairvoyant who has “soul vision” — and not all clairvoyants perceive on that level; in fact, most do not — is always awe-struck at the wonder and beauty of the Soul’s energy body.
The Soul has conscience and it understands the difference between good and evil; right and wrong. The Soul evolves, through choice and karma, ever guided by the Spirit which, in turn, is ever guided by God. In many ways, the Soul is the “prodigal son” seeking to return to the Father; in this case, the Father is its Spirit and God.
Finally, the Soul is of Spirit essence; yet, it has its own body — energy rather than material.
Having said all this, we have still not come to the level of Earth plane life and experience. We have mentioned good and evil, but no mention has yet been made of evil’s expression and manifestation.
In order for the Soul to incarnate onto the Earth plane, it does so through the creation of a physical body (the third element of the Trinity). And, with the creation of the body, the Soul creates the Personality.
You have one Soul, which is an image of your Spirit, which, in turn, was created in God’s image. But, you have created multiple personalities, living within multiple bodies at various points in history. Each time you decide to reincarnate, you create a new earthly personality and a new earthly body.
The Personality, also known as the “lower self,” is that part of ourselves to which we can all identify. It has gender, form, race, social standing, ethnic attributes, etc. It is born and it shall die. It is born into a specific family and has a specific name. The Personality is born into a body made of flesh, blood, and bones, rather than a body of light and energy. We tenaciously hold onto the Personality and its bodily form, and we tenaciously subject God to our Personality traits.
Through the personality, we experience so many of life’s difficulties and must determine how we shall respond or react to these challenges. It is the Personality, created by the Soul, which incarnates onto the Earth plane in order to experience all that this physical world has to offer. It is the Personality which is subject to the limitations of three-dimensional time and space.
Finally, and most importantly, it is the Personality, which is susceptible and receptive to negativity and evil. Within the world of the Personality — the Earth plane and that level of the Spirit World very closely linked to the Earth plane — both good and evil exist. Here, on the Earth plane, evil is not merely the lack of goodness; it is a very real force unto itself, created and made manifest by the various people who inhabit the earth.
Somewhere, between the level of the Soul and the level of the Personality — somewhere between the second and the third elements of the Trinity — there can be created and made manifest evil and negativity.
To sum up: Your Spirit is always guided by God. Your Soul is always guided by your Spirit. And your Soul always seeks to guide you and your Personality, here on earth, to the degree that it can, in the daily affairs of your life. But, your Personality can choose, consciously or unconsciously, either to accept, not to accept, or to reject the wondrous thread of guidance given by your Soul, your Spirit, and God. On the Earth plane, it really is all a matter of choice. Furthermore, if we choose wrongly or choose not to listen, it does not minimize, in any way, the Love and Guidance given by God and the Spirit.
Thus we have the Trinity of Spirit-Soul-Body/Personality: three aspects of the One. And here is another point which needs clarification. Within this Trinity, there is also a unifying force of life and guidance. The Spirit of God, through the mystery of the Holy Spirit, guides and inspires us all, no matter where we may be or what type of life we may be living.
We define the Holy Spirit as God’s Spirit alive in the world and within the affairs of men and women. The Holy Spirit can be likened to a grand web of consciousness. It is everywhere and everyone can tap into this vast network of the Holy Spirit. And because it is like a web, any two points within that grand network can connect, commune, and communicate.
Thus, even in our darkest moments, there is guidance, light, love, and healing available from God, through God’s Holy Spirit. Your Spirit knows this and seeks to receive and work with this. Your Soul knows this and seeks to receive and work with this, to the degree that it can. The earthly Personality must evolve to this level of awareness and, once it does, it must openly receive this and share it with others. In so doing, the Soul evolves and, subsequently, so does the earthly Personality.
So, no matter who we are, where we may be, or what we are experiencing, God’s guiding Light is always there and freely offered. On some level, we all receive this Light. On the earthly plane, some manifest this Light; others do not; still others seek to shadow and dim this Light.
Jesus requests that we not hide our Light under the bushel. Jesus instructs your Spirit and Soul to shine, radiantly, here on earth, through your Personality.
Spiritual evolution can be summed up quite simply: reuniting that which has become fragmented. Spiritual evolution is the process whereby the earthly Personality is elevated and brought into at-one-ment with the Soul; while the Soul is elevated and brought into at-one-ment with the Spirit. This process is fueled, guided, and inspired by God and God’s Holy Spirit.
Death is the returning of the Personality back to the Soul, bringing into the essence of the Soul all that it learned and experienced, both positive and negative, here on the Earth plane. The Soul, guided by the Spirit and by God’s Holy Spirit, then decides how it will make manifest the lessons it has received from the Personality, as well as make amends, through the Great Law of Karma, for the injustices it may have committed against others, against God, and against itself. It does this through successive incarnations — each with its own Personality and body — until it reaches a point where the earthly Personality is a perfect manifestation of the Soul’s goodness — on earth as it is in Heaven. At that point, it no longer seeks incarnation, and the Soul moves along in its evolution back to the Spirit. How and in what form it does this is for another article.
Ultimately, we are all — human and otherwise — wending our way back to the Spirit’s home, where we will be one with each other and one with God; thus completing the cycle initiated when God breathed life into us and created us, in His image as Spirit.
It is all really quite amazing and even more wondrous when you stop and think about it. I Love You ❤ Love and light to All ❤

For many people, we have awakened at specific points in our lives in order to help facilitate the awakening process with others, but what events helped to trigger this awakening?

Your Path Has Always Led You Here

Every second, we are making choices that help to determine what future paths we’ll be taking.  Regardless of which choice we make, we will always find another fork in the road ahead of us with more decisions to make.  Each time you choose a new path, more options become available, but all options will inevitably lead you back to the original soul contract that you agreed to before you incarnated to this planet.

Through your higher self and spirit guides, you rely on your intuition and discernment to help you make these decisions.  While at times it seems like we made a few bad decisions in life, none of these choices were a mistake, including any bad relationships we had with others or any other negative event in our lives.  Each one of these events has led you to who you are today and will continue to guide you on your life path.  The key is to not only learn from these relationships and events, but to forgive yourself and others for any negative feelings that may still remain.  This is how your spirit grows.

Some People Just “Get It” Without Being Spiritual

We all know someone who may not be spiritual but just “gets it”.  These people tend to have a great compassion for all forms of life and are generally very optimistic people.  For example, they may be completely living “The Secret” without having any clue about what the Law of Attraction is. Or, they might not ever seem to take love for granted as they are the first to tell their friends and families, “I love you”.  While love is the greatest force on the planet, those who “get it” without knowing it are the unknown soldiers of the awakening process and are influencing more people than they could ever imagine, just by being themselves.

What Triggers the Awakening Process?

For many people, a specific event, video, book or movie led to their awakening process.  In many cases, the awakening process began with truth seeking.

Initially as a truth seeker, you may feel upset with how those in power are seemingly working against the best interests of humanity all in the name of greed, power, control and money.  You have a strong desire for justice and fairness for everyone, yet you may have an inner desire to see harm come to those who have inflicted injury and death upon others.

For example, while many people know and accept who the “real terrorists” are that caused 9/11, they should all be held accountable but not killed, even though they are responsible for the deaths of thousands of people along with loss of civil liberties for hundreds of millions of people.  There is NEVER a good reason to kill anyone and that includes mass murderers, rapists and child abusers.  Ultimately, the lesson to be learned is compassion and love for everyone.  This doesn’t mean that those who are guilty of crimes against humanity should be let free.  They could be used as labor in the rehabilitation of Mother Earth in helping to restore the things that they have deliberately tried to destroy.  While the extermination of these people may seem gratifying to some, the act of killing someone would make us no better than them. How would be evolving spiritually if this were the case?

In time, you are still truth seeking but you are also starting to understand how tyranny and oppression are leading to a greater awakening of people.  You still may feel irritated by those in power who continue to work against the best interests of humanity but you are starting to gain a greater feeling of an overall awakening of society.

As we move deeper into the awakening process, we gain a compassion for all lives, as shown with the example of those who are guilty of crimes against humanity.  At this point in our spiritual journeys, we are able to read virtually any news headline and are able to see the greater good in how anything negative will lead to the exposing of those who are guilty of crimes against humanity.  Please keep in mind that we are entering the Age of Aquarius, where those who are negative will inevitably be exposed for their crimes.  We are also in a astrological period where Pluto is in Capricorn until 2023.  The last time this astrological event occurred was during the 1776 American Revolution.  Pluto always brings about change and the change will be for the greater good!

This will also involve the exposing of those who are corrupt, including politicians, world leaders,  banksters, government agencies and religion.  When this occurs (and it’s already occurring), please remember to be compassionate.  We are currently in the midst of a peaceful global revolution and not one bullet needs to be fired.

Some People Are Born Awakened

Some people innately know why they are here and what their purpose is. Others were born awakened but needed to follow a specific path until the veil was completely lifted, which may have been many years down the road.  For these people, introspect can provide this assurance.

For example, I innately knew there was something “not right” about religion when I was attending Sunday school.  This isn’t a knock against anyone who is religious, but for my own spiritual path, I was being led to a greater truth. Many religious zealots aren’t ready for this truth and I respect that, but this was my initial awakening event, even though I had no clue as to why I felt this way at such a young age.

Around the age of 11, I ordered a book on black magic because I was interested in astral projection.  While I was still doing all of the pre-teen stuff boys do such as skateboarding, baseball, football, etc…, my higher self was already communicating with me and I was listening.  While I never learned how to astral project with that particular book, it opened my eyes to a metaphysical world that is much greater than what we can perceive with our 5 senses.  As an artist and musician, I was already using my right hemisphere of the brain which helped to reinforce this new perspective.

Paranormal Experiences

Those who had near death experiences (NDE’s) can attest to the afterlife and our all-loving creator.  Many come back with a similar message:  Love everyone and don’t take life so seriously.

Many of them were just “regular people” before their NDE’s but now have a new perspective on life.  When multiple NDE’s share very similar experiences, it gives credence to what we can expect in the afterlife and proves that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Other people may have seen UFO’s or ghosts which can also change their perspective on life and may lead to their awakening.

One of the questions I like to ask people is this:  If a UFO landed in your backyard, do you think the extraterrestrial would have a bible and money?

“How do I know if I’m awakened?”

I’ve often been asked, “How do I know if I’m awakened?” If you are already seeking the truth or have been led into the metaphysical field, then your awakening has begun.  In a poll that I ran on in5d Connection, the majority of people stated they awakened more than 10 years ago.  In 2nd place was the year 2009, which in numerology equals 11 by no coincidence.

Volunteer Souls

The majority of those who have awakened most likely fall into one of Dolores Cannon’s Waves of Volunteer Souls.  Cannon was told by the ET’s during her client’s past life regressions about the waves of volunteer souls who incarnated to this planet because they “heard the call that Earth was in trouble” and volunteered to come here to help raise the Earth’s vibrations.

Many of these volunteer souls lead quiet lives, don’t have any children and never got married because they did not want to accrue any possible karmic debt.

The First Wave of volunteer souls were born in the 1950s and 1960s.  These are the wayshowers who paved the way for the next two waves.  The Second Wave was born in the 1970s and 1980s and the Third Wave was born from the 1990s through the present and are commonly known as Indigo Children.

For some of these volunteer souls, all they really need to do is exist because their energy is enough to change the world, although they may still feel the need to do something more in this awakening process.  Some may not appear to be spiritually awakened but as mentioned above, all they need to do is just be themselves because their light and energy is contributing in a massive way in the awakening process.

What are some of the events in your life that have led to your awakening?

When Aaron C. Donahue evoked and used advanced remote viewing skills to examine the 72 Spirits of the Goetia in 2001 he noticed something unique about these amazing entities. Each one greeted Donahue with a song.


 Not exactly a song, but a tone. Each spirit carried a part of a song.

Since that spectacular event, Donahue says he has put the tones together. He says he believes that once joined correctly, they comprise a perfect song. He also believes this song to be the true name of Lucifer.

Donahue is so enthused by his discovery that he is working to form a band of musicians willing to perform music containing the tones. He believes this music will be soul transforming for all who hear it. He also believes that the pop music of today is so void that the world is ready to receive a band that can and will produce the 72 tones in the music it plays.
He says he expects fierce resistance from organized religion, and especially the Christian church. The angelic spirits that control the church do not want us to hear them.

All church leaders will resist the music of this band, Aaron predicts. Because the church incorrectly links Lucifer with the mythical being it calls the devil, it will declare the music satanic and make every effort to block it from public performance.

This is what happened to earlier bands that touched upon the tones but never quite had them perfected. Aaron said they included The Beatles, Marilyn Manson, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

But Aaron believes the band can be very successful, especially among the youth and the adults who are awake and searching for an answer to the chaos that has consumed the planet.

“Everybody will love the demonic choir,” he said. “The music is beautiful beyond words. It is the gate of Lucifer. It is technology that opens your mind and heart.”

Aaron believes that releasing this music throughout the world, through Internet sales of CDs and public shows, will be an attempt at waking people up before the world goes into complete self-destruct from angelic domination.

“It will help deprogram and educate Christians and dismantle the church,” he said. “I can think of no better way of getting into the hearts and minds of Christians.”

Readers should be aware that Anna Hayes mentions in her books that taking mono atomic gold is ultimately harmful. She claims that the initial growth of psychic awareness is not permanent, but rather levels off and later declines. (more…)

One of the major goals of Alchemy was “The preparation of aurum portabile, liquid gold, a sovereign remedy, because gold being itself perfect could produce perfection in the human frame.” -quoted from The History of Chemistry. (more…)