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Mention the word sex and eyes widen and ears perk up. The strong reaction the subject arouses reflects the spicy nature of sexual energy. Pure sexual energy is as unstable as dynamite and just as explosive. It can transport us to sublime states of bliss and delight, or cast us into the darkest pits of anguish, terror, and depravity. Obviously, we can’t alter our sexual instincts. What we can do, however, is use spiritual practice to overcome the limitations imposed by nature on our sexuality. In fact, we can transform the inherent mismatch between male and female sexuality into an incredible opportunity for spiritual growth. Cosmic ecstasy is vastly more intense, pleasurable, and meaningful than even the most passionate sex. Comparing the two is like contrasting a bathtub with the ocean. There is no surer way to bring long-lasting happiness into an intimate relationship than to ground it in enduring bliss.

My Waking Path

Our modern world is very open to casual sex.  Also known as free sex or liberated sex, it is the intimate physical union of two bodies without emotional attachments.   Any form of sexual coupling that is entered into, no matter how long or short which is without commitment, responsibility and most of all, love fall under this.

Casual sex comes in the following guises:

  1. One night stand (with someone you know or a stranger)
  2. Friends with benefits
  3. Sexual orgies
  4. Sexual experimentation and exploration
  5. Cyber Sex
  6. Porn Sex with masturbation
  7. Phone Sex Services
  8. Paid Actual Sex
  9. Random Hand Jobs and Oral Sex

Many engage in this form of sexual release primarily because they don’t want any “complication” which usually comes with having sex in a closed relationship. They see this as an easier way to enjoy sex without the litany of responsibilities and emotional, even financial baggage that come…

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Immediately after abductions, aliens through implants and head control, can and do “turn up” the sexual energies of alien abductees in a purported try to “examine” human reaction/coping behaviors.

Component of  the understanding of the interaction between alien and human beings on Earth is not just in understanding alien tactics and underlying alien motives.

It is of a sexual nature.

The astounding answer in part begins with the realization that we are, by nature, beyond our awareness and basic understanding, inter dimensional beings.

Alien sex 3
We have and exude both a bodily energy and a non secular energy.

As some of our psychic”energy” extends into other dimensions, these energies can be seen and regularly utilized by darkish entities.

Reptilian/gray aliens the pilots of UFOs, demons, and other dark astral wildlife, repeated this dark dimension.

Aliens usually seek us in the same way that remora and lamprey seek denizens of the deep and for the same parasitic reasons.

Grey-reptoid aliens can even throw demons into the nightly abduction equation to muddle issues, just for spite, for individuals abductees who guess also carefully to this or any other alien/human interaction relationship truth.

Demon possessed or not, aliens, just like demons, can and do to enter into our physical planet, from that ethereal energy dimension which is the extremely same that ghosts inhabit, to prey and feast upon human beings, who they relish controlling and even sometimes, possessing.

With a solitary mindedness, controlling reptilian aliens prevail with impunity they are predatory, sinister and self justifying, the three criteria of evil.

The publish abduction sexual behavior of alien abductees is choreographed and micro managed worse, aliens participate in these field experiments with humans..

At the really the very least, these unscientific, controlling alien entity’s behaviors are most revealing this  perverse, unprofessional alien behavior in these kinds of direct sexual participation persists and all under the seeming guise of ‘testing’.

In so many situation scientific studies of alien abductees, a essential component of what is submit”alien abduction”, is frequently also a ‘sexual’ phenomenon..

From a Circumstance of an abductee, Phyllis, who lives in the Philippines, from private communiques:

Properly, I will not know about you, but I do not particularly head my intercourse quantity knob currently being turned up- there are probably millions of females, in their thirties and forties, my age group, who would destroy for that opportunity!- Males as well-

alien sex 1

Anyway- I’m not exactly a nymphomaniac- it would seem that the only one I get that scorching about is the first man who approaches me in a bar.

I will go wherever with them to get that itch scratched.

That is a simple fact- so what if these grays use me?

I’ve figured out to milk the predicament way too. Occasionally I have a true climax just fantasizing. It is like a strong erotic sensation arrives over me and I can’t control it or combat it off. So I just ride it out till the finish. It is much better sex than with the males I go with. If this happens over me and I don’t have a date I often go to a bar and pick up a man as a substitute of fantasizing it- I feel like I have to have intercourse right then. It can be terrifying at times. At first I suffered every day with unsatisfied needs and frustrations- it was torture. I like some parts of it, but often it is also a lot, I get exhausted of feeling used.

You insist on lacking the vital pointif you are, and I am STRONGLY CONVINCED that you are, getting played like a church organ, sexually, with all the foot petals, by the quite entities who I write and combat and resist and complain so a lot about, why would you allow and enable them to continually have their “way” with managing  you?

Like “needing” a ingest and not getting one knowing that it’s the worst cause and wrong time to take one, when you really want one, for that quite cause.

That is the exact time to deny them that imposed on you drive to sex and the energy that they crave and feed from.

Your Brain On Sex

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Brain is the center of all our behavior, functions and consciousness. It’s been known for a while that all desire and other feelings are due to interactions between some different chemicals inside the brain cells.In this amazing infographic you can find the brain functions during sex, as long as the following topics:
The science of desire
The brain during sex
Desire: primary vs. secondary
Unusual cases

Dan Savage has urged people to be “game for anything — within reason.” New research says that means happier relationships

Five years ago, sex columnist Dan Savage  suggested that, when it comes to sex, we should all aim to be GGG (“good, giving, and game … Think ‘good in bed,’ ‘giving equal time and equal pleasure’ and ‘game for anything – within reason’”). Long embraced by his readers, the GGG approach now has support from a  new scientific study  published in the Journal of Sex Research.


Of course, we’ve known for years that technique (for example, clitoral stimulation for women, incorporating  certain sexual behaviors for either sex) matters to couples. And certainly inequitable pleasure is never a good thing, even though it persists (as I discussed in  last week’s column , research shows that women are particularly prone to getting shafted in the orgasm department during hookup sex).

7 Sex Toys That Are Already in Your Bedroom

What this new study from researchers at the University of Arizona and Hanover College adds, at least from my perspective, is the additional layer of understanding of how being “game for anything – within reason” contributes to intimacy and satisfaction.


To be fair, the researchers didn’t actually examine the GGG phenomenon. They didn’t use the term “GGG,” nor did they use the phrase “game for anything” anywhere in their research paper. Rather, they studied what they call “sexual transformations” – sexual changes that people make for the sake of their partner or their relationship. But as a scientist myself, I’m going to go out on a limb and pronounce the term “sexual transformations” to be the nerdier first cousin to the slightly cooler third G in the trifecta: “being game for anything – within reason.”

In examining sexual transformations, the researchers recruited 96 couples (all male-female) and asked them questions about changes they had made for their partner in terms of how often they have sex, the kinds of sexual activities they engage in, communicating about sex and intimacy. They also asked participants how they felt about these changes and how often they engaged in affectionate behaviors with each other, such as hugging, cuddling and kissing.


So what did they find? Interestingly enough, participants’ own sexual transformations weren’t linked to their relationship satisfaction. In other words, being game yourself wasn’t the key to your own satisfaction. Rather, women and men reported higher levels of relationship satisfaction when their partners said they’d made more “sexual transformations” (when their partners had been game for more- or less-frequent sex, trying new sexual activities, etc). I’m going to guess that, at least in part, this may be because when one’s partner adapts to your needs, you’re likely to feel heard, special, rewarded, valued, or – at the very least — you get to do the things you want to do, sexually.

Feelings about sexual transformations mattered, too. Men and women who felt more positive about the sexual changes they made generally reported higher levels of relationship satisfaction. To me, this aspect of people’s feelings about their changes goes back to being game – after all, being “game” for switching up one’s sex life isn’t about begrudgingly going down on someone or role-playing with a bored look on one’s face. Being game is about being willing to give something a whirl, and happily so. It’s about bringing your A-game to bed, about not knowing how you’ll end up feeling about it but being willing to give it your best shot, with an open mind and heart.

The researchers also found that women and men in the study who reported engaging in more intimate behaviors – that is, warm, tingly stuff like hugs, kisses, cuddles and massages – reported higher levels of relationship satisfaction. This lines up well with  other recent research  that has found kissing, cuddling and touching to be linked with sexual satisfaction.

Porn industry facts

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Porn vs. the economy. vs. the Internet:


Countries where prostitution is legal

Strange U.S. Sex Laws

There are many such countries where prostitution is legal and thus forms a significant part of the economy complete with taxes and protection to the prostitutes while Prostitution, the word may sound dirty and offensive to most of us who live in a ‘civilized society’.


Hatred, shame, harassment and exploitation make up the world for these second class citizens popularly known as prostitutes. They are well accustomed to this smothered life where they adjust to the new situation for the sake of their living. It may sound unpleasant but prostitution is not a walk in the park for pleasure for these deceived souls who have been dragged by ruthless morons into this filthy business or have been forced by the circumstances to earn their livelihood in such manner. In countries like Greece, where prostitution and brothel ownerships are appreciated within legal limits, it has contributed in elevating its economy by up to 25%.There is a strong case for legalizing prostitution in view of such ripe results, like Nevada is the only state in U.S where the authorities have legalized prostitution under licensed brothels. In between, look at the case of this 15-year old school girl in U.K who earned thousands of Euros in a year through prostitution by working at nights and taking her classes in the morning. Bolstered by such cases, other countries have now openly sanctioned prostitution within legal parameters and regulations thus there are many countries where prostitution is now legal. While some nations have legalized prostitution solely, the others have opened the gates for legalized brothel ownership and pimping (soliciting customer for a prostitute) as well. This list includes Indonesia, Netherlands, Singapore, New Zealand, Venezuela etc. Discrimination still very much remains, in Turkey its 15,000 registered prostitutes serving 56 brothels can’t get married and their children are barred from occupying high rank army, although they can serve in other areas of government service. Legalizing prostitution, brothel ownership and pimping is not a way sorted for the sex workers as they still are short of medical check-ups and license to work so as to get their earnings under security zones, as urged by more than 60,000 sex workers in Peru in 2007. A similar voice was raised by a strong nerved Canadian prostitute, Nikki Thomas who confidently came out in media and spoke about the rights she and others (like her) should get as being a part of the so-called ‘modern society’ they serve. According to her, prostitutes are afraid and are NOT ALLOWED to unveil their lives the way she did. It really calls for guts to stand right in between the crowd and scream for the rights which are hard to get. Precisely, the truth may be cut-throat, but the life which sex workers live is bedded with thorns and they can’t even cry out loud accept suffering silently, reluctantly. Why? ‘Family Responsibility’ or ‘Clutched in Indebtedness of some slanderer’ you know! Anyway, coming back to the point, indeed many countries including Germany, Peru have started permitting weekly check-ups and guidelines have been penned down to check if children below 18 years of age are not thrown into the business while child prostitutes are mostly found and rescued in countries like Bangladesh, Thailand, India, Iraq and Afghanistan where sex industry is still booming, no matter if it’s considered illegal!Unlike countries where prostitution is legal, situation is much murkier in the countries where it is not as prostitutes have to deal with police action.

Legalizing prostitution in many countries does not signify their open-mindedness but hidden helplessness because this business can neither be stopped nor be controlled. Prostitution has been one of the oldest professions and it is so much deeply rooted in the society that now it has become nearly impossible to hunt for the traces

Porn industry facts

1. Cell Phone


This gadget is like the Swiss Army knife of undercover sex toys. Put it on vibrate, and it’ll give you and your guy’s hot spots a body-quivering buzz. Or use the video function to record a naughty flick—even though you’ll (wisely) hit delete as soon as the deed is over, just knowing you’re being filmed is a ridiculous turn-on. And if you’ve got an iPhone, use Cosmo’s Sex Position of the Day app for naughty inspiration.

2. Bobby Pins


These seemingly innocent hair tools can give some serious pleasure to his ultra-sensitive nipples (and they work on you, too). First, use the pointy end to lightly draw circles around, but not quite touching, his headlights. As the circles get closer and closer to his nips, his anticipation will build, causing them to get really erect. Then take his tingly sensations up a notch and use the bobby pins as mini-nipple clamps—since the area is already primed for action, the slight pinching will actually feel good and intensify his pleasure.

3. Pillowcase


Yep, that thing you sleep on is actually a sex prop conveniently built-in to your bed. When you want to kink things up, just take a pillowcase, fold it over a couple of times, and tie it over your guy’s eyes or around his wrists. Have your way with him, and then let him return the favor.

4. Cashmere Sock


Slip it on his erect penis, wrap your hand around his shaft, and then gently make a slow twisting motion up and down—the soft texture will feel awesome against his sensitive skin (just don’t go fast, or it’ll feel too rough with the fabric). Once you sense he’s super aroused, pull the sock off and surprise him by immediately taking him in your mouth.



Lay on your stomach and have your guy straddle you. Ask him to give you a back massage, slowly sweeping the brush from the top of your shoulders to the backs of your thighs. The gentle pressure of the bristles will perk up all of your hot spots, putting your desire into overdrive.

6. Boyshorts


Tie your lacy underwear around of the base of your guy’s penis. The (very) slight constriction will help him maintain a harder erection (bonus for you!), and once he climaxes, the release will be extra intense.

7. Mouthwash


Have your guy swish with a little bit before he explores you with his mouth. The menthol will make the sensations you feel really tingly, priming you for a more powerful orgasm.
Source: Eric Garrison, sex therapist and author of Mastering Multiple Position Sex