What Happens if You Do or Don’t Ascend

Posted: October 19, 2016 in 2016, ascension, awakening, Love, Remember, Spirituality, World

There are three questions i get asked on a very regular basis, first what will happen to those that do not ascend, number two is what will I experienced during the Ascension process and thirdly what can i expect life to be like on the fifth dimension. So I hope to address these questions to the best of my knowledge. I say that because in truth no one knows exactly what will happen or exactly what to expect. My conclusions come from several sources of reliable information and my own experience on the astral plane.


What will happen to those that do not ascend

First it should be understood that those that do not descend are not being punished in any way, every soul on earth had a choice and some chose not to ascend at this time in reality, it is mainly because their younger souls that do not have the experience yet to raise the vibration. The majority of these Souls also live in a fear-based mentality and as such will create their own end time scenario. So I’m not trying to sugarcoat anything nor fear monger, the fact is that they will experience tidal waves earthquakes and firestorms, they will experience the full brunt of Earth changes accompanied with loss and tragedy, but as I said this is not a punishment this is what they have chosen and it is also what they need to experience for their own growth. These people will die but it would not be like the traditional death where they leave their earthly body and return to the spirit plane, instead they all died on earth and simply wake up in a hospital bed in a large hospital type building. This building and there are many other like it, exists right now on another third dimensional planet within our galaxy. This planet is similar to Earth but a little smaller cooler and much less life. The planet mainly consists of rolling hills with sweeping grassy plains, there is one small ocean that only harbors very primitive life, on the surface there are only very simple insect type creatures and a few small mammal type animals, in fact is what the earth was like about half a billion years ago before really advanced life took off. It revolves around a star very similar in size and make up to our own Sun, and that is actually why this planet was chosen.
Our Sun plays a critical role in human well-being and health so something similar needed to be found the people who end up here will be in a renewed body that is their exact body that they had before they died, but it will be cured of any injuries, malformations, disfigurements, or disease.They will still have the same personality thoughts and traits as they did prior to death. There will also have full memory of what took place, this is so they can grow from their experience if they know what happened to them, then they are more likely to want to change their consciousness in the future. These souls will be grouped into soul level groups for example: young souls in one group and baby souls in another group, etc…. now for the record, the majority of souls that will ascend are mature and old souls.  Each group will be supervised by very spiritually enlightened entities from the Pleiades, these beings are now known as Pleiadian’s and they have had a long association with the human soul group. Pleiadian’s are very tall about 10 to 12 feet, they have very high cheekbones, almond eyes and very straight and long hair, they look suspiciously like angels from the Bible and they have a very beautiful visible silver blue aura around them so the younger the soul group the more Pleiadian’s will be there to supervise. The Pleiadian’s will counsel and guide these souls and help reunite them with other family members and friends.They will teach them how to live and how to raise the vibration. This new earth will have no money, no religion, and no government as we currently understand it. All means by which corruption can thrive will be removed, the aim is to get these souls up to the fifth dimension as quickly as possible. With the help of the Pleiadian’s some souls will literally ascend just days after the earth changes, now if only they had to prepare themselves prior, they would have had not had to enjoy the hardships but in reality every soul was exactly where that were meant to be to experience the change as they did. By the way people who have already died before the Ascension date have already made their choice, some will ascend directly from the spirit plane and others will reincarnate into their whole bodies on that new planet i was talking about, so that is about all I can tell you about souls that do not ascend. So next we’ll look at what happens to the souls that will ascend.


What will I experienced during the Ascension process

The first thing I can say with certainty is that each personal experience Ascension in a very personalized way, so what I mean by this, is if you were sitting right next to your best friend and you both ascended at the same time you would not be aware of each other nor will you see each other, after was all over you and your friend would be able to swap stories about your experience and there would be completely different.
Your ascension will occur prior to any fatal Earth changes or events, so let’s look at the ascension process step by step:
The first thing you’ll notice is raising your vibration, this will be experienced as a tingling or buzzing sensation. Your body will begin to feel weightless starting at your feet and rapidly moving up,  you’ll feel intense but not painful buzzing in your crown chakra and by now you will have lost all sensation in your lower limbs, you will also experience strong butterflies in your tummy sort of feeling. Man-made objects like plastic, bricks, walls, electrical appliances, and even not natural fibers will begin to slowly vibrate all, have a washed-out look to them, a wobbly appearance like that were underwater,  these objects will begin to disappear and a cloudy haze will begin to envelop your surroundings, as the haze
gets thicker more things around you will begin to disappear, the house seems like it’s being lit by external light source but you will not be able to determine the direction of the light source, this is actually the veil between dimensions. You will have an experience of moving upward however you’ll have no sense of direction. Suddenly the haze begins to dissipate and your eyes can refocus, you will notice intense color of every description including colors that are not visible in the third dimension. By now you will notice that your body no longer has any weight, yes your body is still there and will still feel physical to you, but your body has been transformed into a light body. A light body never get sick, never ages, never needs food, water or sleep, in fact any requirements of the physical body are no longer necessary including feeling hot or cold, just like in the movie The Matrix when Neo is inside the computer program, you will project your residual self-image in other words you will look like how you view yourself as looking in your best way, you can look like anything or anyone you want to look like.
For most people they project themselves as a fit and trim 30 something year old, but of course there are exceptions to this. Some people want to experience being in a child’s body again and others want to
appear as a graceful elderly person, the point is you have free will and whatever you think you create. More than likely you will appear in a beautiful grassy field, or forest, or standing on a beach facing an endless ocean, there will be birds and animals but they no longer fear you, and you no longer fear them. You will feel a oneness with all creation. If you quite your mind and close your eyes you can hear the thoughts of all living creatures, with further practice you can join your mind with the herd or flock and experienced group consciousness. The aromas wafting on the gentle breeze are exquisite, and the flowers are like nothing you have ever seen. There are fruit trees heavy with fruit and actually one particular fruit is similar to a large plum, you may feel an overwhelming urge to eat this fruit and that is because it has incredible healing properties but more importantly it can help to ground you to the fifth dimension. So in other words once you eat the fruit there was no going back to the third dimension so Bon Appetit.
Now getting back to your body, even though you do not need to eat you will still want to eat but this is
purely for the sensation and the taste, some people may feel an overwhelming urge to lay down and sleep, this is because you may have experienced a particularly traumatic event in your third dimensional life so some extra healing needs to take place to repair your aura and your other subtle bodies, but don’t worry you’re not going to miss anything. Time no longer exists, that’s right linear time only exists on the third dimension. Once you are suitably grounded and healed your guides will appear, for some
people they may have been with you right from the start and actually held your hand right through the whole process, but either way your guides will now show up and tell you what the next move is and what the goal is. Something that will stress is that in the fifth dimension whatever you think you will manifest
unlike the third dimension where there is a delay between cause and effect, on the fifth dimension it is instantaneous so you must learn how to control your thoughts, but don’t fear this new ability once you learn how to control it you’ll never understand how you got by without it. This is also why no fear based people can enter the fifth dimension. If you were fear-based and began thinking fearful thoughts you would manifest those things immediately and probably go insane, so that is why a love vibration is so important. just another note if you are thinking: I can manifest a red Ferrari, well yes you could but those that understand fifth-dimensional living realize that this is just folly and they would dedicate their energies too much higher endeavors.


What can I expect life to be like on the fifth dimension

It is now time to be introduced to your new teachers, that’s right every single person will have two teachers a male and a female, just like on the 3rd dimensional planet your teachers will be Pleiadian’s. For the next equivalent of two years they will be your full-time companions, teaching you everything you need to know, about living in the fifth dimension along with any other questions you have about the past and a little bit about the future. You will probably come to see them more as loving parent figures, but don’t worry you’ll still see your other friends and family members that have also ascended, in fact at some point there will be a massive welcome to the fifth dimension party where everyone who has ever send it will be in attendance, so just imagine a party where you can eat, drink, and be merry, and never get tired, bored, or even feel bloated. The finest musicians are playing, the greatest talents performing, and some of the best conversations on this side of the Andromeda galaxy, don’t be surprised if you bump into a few special non-human entities what we personally call aliens that are there to welcome you to their homeland. Just like in the movie Jumper, you will be able to move from one side of the planet to the other instantaneously just with thought, in fact you can go anywhere in the galaxy,  you’ll be free to study or practice anything you want you could learn a new instrument, study the healing arts, or try your hand at painting with access to the vast universal libraries and teachers, there is nothing you cannot master. After all you have all the time in the world to perfect your art, there are lots and lots of jobs to do but i prefer not to use that term. Work in the fifth dimension is very different to what you know in the third dimension, for a start there’s no money and no need for money, so any jobs that are based around money like banking are suddenly redundant, but there is a lot of work in service to other roles, like creation, invention, growing, healing, caring, recording, teaching, administrating, performing, showing, traveling, and many many more. The basic guide is anything that will benefit humanity or anything you can share with humanity that is beneficial to the whole. All work is done on a volunteer basis and no one is forced to work in order to survive, and no one is forced to do a job that they do not like. Your home will be a creation of your own making so start practicing now by visualizing the type of home and location you would like to live in now, and remember you can build it anywhere in the world because travel is just a blink of an eye. There will still be cities but not like what we have today and a lot of these cities will actually be underwater. You will still fall in love, get married, and have children, but sex is no longer a physical act but rather a blending of energies that makes a physical orgasm
seem like popping a balloon in comparison to a hydrogen bomb.
We have all been part of an experiment that required us to incarnate the thousands of years into hundreds of lives to experience all levels of creation. This helped the source of all that is learn more about itself. The plan was to see, if We as incarnate souls could be completely cut off from the source via amnesia, and the dense third dimension and still find our way back to it. To cut a long story short, the experiment was deemed a huge success and enough souls were able to achieve a heightened state of spiritual awareness without ever having any direct knowledge of the source, truly remarkable. So basically it’s all over, and it’s time to go home, but just like a scuba diver that has been at dept, he must return to the surface gradually or else he risked contracting the bends. The same can be said for our souls, we are originally from the 11th dimension but if we were to suddenly jump from the third dimension to the 11th dimension we would quite literally be torn apart, so that is why we are going to the fifth dimension. We will stay there until all human souls join us, so remember all those souls that got stuck on the third dimension, yep.. we cannot move to the next level which will be the eighth until the very last Soul ascends to the fifth, but that is a long way away, and I can assure you that once you’re in the fifth dimension you would feel like you would never want to leave it anyway. Indeed, your soul has been disconnected from the source but once you’re in the fifth dimension you will once again experience the overwhelming love and unity that is the source of all that is. That’s when a lot of you will get that “ahaaa moment” about what I’m trying to relate here it really is a big deal. So the next months are going to be really tough as the earth vibration rises the world will fall further into chaos, younger souls will literally go crazy, but that is why it is important to do the work now meditate meditate meditate… just 20 minutes a day every day that is the bare minimum requirement.
I hope by now you can understand what awaits for you, once you are committed to doing the hard yards and make no mistakes is going to be hard but stay focused, and do your visualizations and do your meditations, in fact it’s the days that you couldn’t be bothered are the days that you need to do it most, push yourself because you won’t regret it. Your present life now is just a cheap imitation of what life is supposed to be, in less than 3 months you can trade in your current slavery for paradise.

I hope to see you on the other side
love and light,


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