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The 2 coils to the right are actual tuning coils for zero point energy wound using sacred geometry and the Vedic metric system. All of the proof is put together by Prof. DR Konstantin Meyl President of the Society for the Advantage of Physics and Vice President of the German Association for Space Energy. His Physics Book for engineers has this information on the spiral coils and Roman Broadband Technology. There is 650 pages about 21 MB, this link will start downloading straight away. Scalar Waves Tesla physics Tuning coil secrets from Zero Point. It is all written in laymen terms and fairly easy to understand. He explains a lot about the coils and a version of history that has been suppressed to keep important information away from the majority of people. The information about Roman Broadband technology is at the end of the document and is well worth looking at.

Zero point tuning coils from ancient Rome. Free energy then but the ignorance of mankind today thinks it is just not possible. Do your own research!
coilsw2w54Zero Point energy has been around for centuries it is the key to some of the most advanced technologies on the planet. The reason people cannot make devices that Tesla made work correctly is because of the system of measurement they use. The quantum metrics (Vedic Metrics) are actually different inch values that are harmonically linked. I will explain more further down the page.  This system of measurement has to do with what the so Gods below are holding, the Rod and Ring. We have corporations that suppress energy devices that will release us from the cycle of so called fossil fuels and the lies about “Peak oil”. In 1951 Russian scientists and engineers found that oil is not a ‘fossil fuel’ it is a natural product of the earth. It is caused by high-temperatures, high-pressures and the continuous reaction between calcium carbonate and iron oxide, two of the most abundant compounds making up the earth’s crust. Oil is constantly being produced in our planet and old oil fields that have been pumped dry have filled back up again.









In the picture above you can see a bit of tape with numbers on it, these are the lengths of the Archimedian coils and and gives you an idea on how to tune a coil. In the COLD ELECTRICITY file in the Resource section it says Tesla used a 24 inch coil, but out of the ninety metrics which 24 inch value do you use? There is another example at the end of this file Manuscript Vedic Metric
OK now we get to the interesting bit. The reason why the tuning coils are spirals is because everything in nature works via a vortex. The Picture and Quote are from Readers Digest “In to the Unknown” published, Sydney 1982.



This pictures below were taken inside a bubble chamber, shows the delicate tracks made by bits of energy following a subatomic collision. Such constant, yet hard to imagine, exchanges challenge everyday concepts of time, space and reality.



As you will note; the shapes are spirals and are the same as the tuning coils for Zero-point energy. That is not a coincidence as everything formed in our computer generated holographic nature is via a spiral vortex of information, like those violent collisions in the picture .
Zero Point energy has to do with tuning into the Ether or natural electric force that drives nature. You need to be very precise with all of your measurements and have a complete understanding of Vedic Cosmological time cycles. Everything is related there is nothing that is separate from anything else, all nature is, is positive and negative magnetism trying to maintain a equilibrium (balance). High tension electricity like in a lightening storm is the result of nature trying to restore balance. Nature uses Magnetic Current as its power source the same as what Ed Leedskalnin used at the Coral Castle to levitate the multi-ton blocks. The Djed to the left is another example of using magnetism as a high frequency power source, see the U – magnet on top of the device and a copper winding that goes inside a tube just below the for capacitors like in the picture below that the French used.

As you will note; the shapes are spirals and are the same as the tuning coils for Zero-point energy. That is not a coincidence as everything formed in our computer generated holographic nature is via a spiral vortex of information, like those violent collisions in the picture .
The Tesla coil was not invented by Tesla as it had been invented thousands of years before he was even born as you will see in the pictures below. All he did was recreate technology that was already existing.

w1 The Tesla coils and Egyptian Djeds are exactly the same thing. Sure Tesla was a very intelligent man and in a class of his own when it came to conceiving Ideas and creating devices but he just replicated what was already there.
See the copper winding and the U-magnet on the device to the right. look into Ed Leedskalnin and the Coral Castle antigravity device for some more info on magnetic perpetual motion holder.
The picture bellow is a closer investigation into the Djed as you can see it is more detailed that what is depicted in the hieroglyphs and a very well engineered device used for a few different applications. The quality of the picture is not that good but you see more than enough to get a better understanding of what it is compared to what so called Academics portray it to be.






The Samrat Yantra, at Jaipur, designed by Jai Singh, measuring at its base 147′ and 90′ high calculates time within two seconds of accuracy every day. The ninety steps of the Yantra have to do with the ninety hymns of the Rg Veda with are represented by the ninety harmonic system of measurement of Vedic physics the science of all oneness If you note the progressive triangular incline of the picture above and compare it to the red wave on the far left will note how it looks remarkably like the steps of the yantra and a sideways view of the chart of the 90 Vedic metrics Pictured Below. It is all the same harmonics so why would the wave not look any different?

w105Above is a screen shot of the 90 metric metrics. See everything is related in one way or another. Time, motion and measurement IS ALL measured on the same scale. Now days we have may different formats for weight, temperature speed etc. but there is only one system that underlies everything. It is all just to confuse you and keep you as far away as possible from the truth.

By now you should understand that all the advanced technology has been kept from the people and now it’s time to explain a bit more about who the Sumerians where.
6 These Sumerians giants were around 36 feet tall with six fingers on each hand as you can see in the pictures just above. These are nice pictures but what is more interesting is where they actually come from.




The main planet on which this Species came from is called Nibiru it is in a 3600 years obit as seen below. This planet and this species will be returning and it all has to do with NWO.


The Pictures below are from the Cassini/Huygens space prope and there is so much information on the internet about it now you will be overwhelmed.
The Main ship they arrived in is known to us as IAPETUS which means in ancient Greek as the origin of MAN. IAPETUS is in the obit of the planet Saturn and is named as a moon but as you will see below it is a huge hollow space ship.
iapetusimage26191Zecharia Sitchin is properly the best resource for the truth on factual archaeology. Erich von Daniken who wrote a book called “the Chariots of the Gods” many years ago. That book I what got me started on my journey of discovery at the age of 13.
There are other alien species that are recorded in our history as you can see to the left.
Description: The Sumerians are believed to be a reptilian race and some believe we were created as a slave race to serve their needs. It amuses me that all or our grains like wheat etc, Where genetically modified about 400,000 years about the same time they arrived. Man was not allowed to depict them in there true form but there are artifacts showing them as a Reptilian race. .

Another example of 6 fingers to the right, artifact from Roswell crash













LEFT: Modern observatory

RIGHT: Ancient Hindu observatory ai


Pictures of the missing inner chambers from The web site of James Colmer.  Once inside the core, certain measurements might unlock its secrets. It seems that the key to understanding what’s inside hinged on a little known, but widely accepted principle of eschatology. Just as the year-day concept is crucial in interpreting Bible prophesy, (one day = 1 literal year, eze 4:6, Num 14:34), the year-inch principle is invaluable in defining the Pyramid. By applying one year to each inch (sacred Jewish inch), the message that developed was crystal clear: the Pyramid was simply a Bible in stone. The pyramid pump system and this site the Gaza power plant hydrogen reactor explains the harmonics and many other interesting things that you would not know about the pyramids.
image3362 image4079




Intel Computers make Computer chips that small you cannot see that they are designed using the principles of our cybernetic nature Picture is from Jain mathemagics This is also an excellent source of Vedic mathematics. Why dumb your child down when you can teach them to calculate faster than you can punch the number in to a calculator. Vedic Math’s teaches you to use both sides of your mind at the same time.





The Sumerians depicted in their natural form are a reptilian species as seen in these ancient artifacts. You should do some research on the Nephilim and Annunaki and I am sure you will not like what you find.








Looks like a star gate they are walking through…






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