Do You Want Memory Implantation Enhancement ?

Posted: November 25, 2013 in 2013, world news
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How Far Away Is Memory Implantation?

Computer Chips in Your Brain – VIDEO

One day in the near future, you’ll plug a cable into your brain and upload information.  In a video from the Science ChannelMichio Kaku says that such technology does not yet exist, but is physically possible.

Memory formation in the brain starts in the prefrontal cortex, but then transfers to the hypocampus, where the memories are stored for the long term.

“We found that we can not only restore long-term memories, we can enhance the animals ability to remember,” states Berger.  “You can think about using devices like this to greatly enhance human memory and to shorten the cycle for learning, in terms of downloading huge quantities of memory at a single time.”Theodore Berger describes in the video how neural-interface technology, like the ones he is developing could dramatically augment human ability.

Upload memories directly to brain
Image Source: Theodore Berger

Berger and his team have used silicon-based, multi-site electrode arrays and tissue culture methods for implantation of hardware models into the brain to replace damaged or dysfunctional nerve tissue.  A presentation of the research is available here.

The chip’s function is to communicate within the brain is a dramatic first step, he believes, toward an implantable machine that fluently speaks the language of the brain-a machine that could restore memories in people with brain damage or help them make new ones.

Brain Chip

SOURCE  Science Channel


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