Sex of the Fourth Kind: Alien-Human Sex Studies

Posted: January 2, 2013 in 2013, world view
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Immediately after abductions, aliens through implants and head control, can and do “turn up” the sexual energies of alien abductees in a purported try to “examine” human reaction/coping behaviors.

Component of  the understanding of the interaction between alien and human beings on Earth is not just in understanding alien tactics and underlying alien motives.

It is of a sexual nature.

The astounding answer in part begins with the realization that we are, by nature, beyond our awareness and basic understanding, inter dimensional beings.

Alien sex 3
We have and exude both a bodily energy and a non secular energy.

As some of our psychic”energy” extends into other dimensions, these energies can be seen and regularly utilized by darkish entities.

Reptilian/gray aliens the pilots of UFOs, demons, and other dark astral wildlife, repeated this dark dimension.

Aliens usually seek us in the same way that remora and lamprey seek denizens of the deep and for the same parasitic reasons.

Grey-reptoid aliens can even throw demons into the nightly abduction equation to muddle issues, just for spite, for individuals abductees who guess also carefully to this or any other alien/human interaction relationship truth.

Demon possessed or not, aliens, just like demons, can and do to enter into our physical planet, from that ethereal energy dimension which is the extremely same that ghosts inhabit, to prey and feast upon human beings, who they relish controlling and even sometimes, possessing.

With a solitary mindedness, controlling reptilian aliens prevail with impunity they are predatory, sinister and self justifying, the three criteria of evil.

The publish abduction sexual behavior of alien abductees is choreographed and micro managed worse, aliens participate in these field experiments with humans..

At the really the very least, these unscientific, controlling alien entity’s behaviors are most revealing this  perverse, unprofessional alien behavior in these kinds of direct sexual participation persists and all under the seeming guise of ‘testing’.

In so many situation scientific studies of alien abductees, a essential component of what is submit”alien abduction”, is frequently also a ‘sexual’ phenomenon..

From a Circumstance of an abductee, Phyllis, who lives in the Philippines, from private communiques:

Properly, I will not know about you, but I do not particularly head my intercourse quantity knob currently being turned up- there are probably millions of females, in their thirties and forties, my age group, who would destroy for that opportunity!- Males as well-

alien sex 1

Anyway- I’m not exactly a nymphomaniac- it would seem that the only one I get that scorching about is the first man who approaches me in a bar.

I will go wherever with them to get that itch scratched.

That is a simple fact- so what if these grays use me?

I’ve figured out to milk the predicament way too. Occasionally I have a true climax just fantasizing. It is like a strong erotic sensation arrives over me and I can’t control it or combat it off. So I just ride it out till the finish. It is much better sex than with the males I go with. If this happens over me and I don’t have a date I often go to a bar and pick up a man as a substitute of fantasizing it- I feel like I have to have intercourse right then. It can be terrifying at times. At first I suffered every day with unsatisfied needs and frustrations- it was torture. I like some parts of it, but often it is also a lot, I get exhausted of feeling used.

You insist on lacking the vital pointif you are, and I am STRONGLY CONVINCED that you are, getting played like a church organ, sexually, with all the foot petals, by the quite entities who I write and combat and resist and complain so a lot about, why would you allow and enable them to continually have their “way” with managing  you?

Like “needing” a ingest and not getting one knowing that it’s the worst cause and wrong time to take one, when you really want one, for that quite cause.

That is the exact time to deny them that imposed on you drive to sex and the energy that they crave and feed from.


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