Magnetic Pole Shift May Destroy Civilization

Posted: November 24, 2012 in 2012, world news
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21st Century technology has painted civilization into a very dangerous and tenuous corner. Overall, the technology that drives banking, food delivery systems, electrical utilities, communicationsalmost everything in the modern worldcan collapse if the teeniest things go wrong.

Unfortunately much is going wrong and the odds are increasing more will go wrong. Driving part of the rising danger is the unstoppable, accelerating shift of the Earth’s magnetic poles. The magnetic field acts as a shield protecting humans’ new fragile electronic technology from permutations of the sun and spikes in the solar wind that can envelop Earth with electrified plasma. If the field is breached, the electronic infrastructure will collapse, civilization will collapse, and millions of deaths will follow

Web grid built on chips is susceptible

Cashing in the chips

Chips run the worldsilicon chips. And as the technology becomes more exotic so does the risk of losing it all. Just 50 years ago civilization could have withstood the weakening and reversal of the magnetic poles.

No longer.

Now, as whole corporations and governments run enterprises from the cloud (giant servers that hold all the critical information once stored on seperate computers) that risk has increased exponentially.

If the chip is both the heartbeat and lifeblood of commerce, distribution and basic necessities, what will happen when the chips are fried? Complete and total Armageddon. Try running today’s world crammed with 7 billion people on 18th Century technology.

Smart technology will collapse leaving a deaf, blind and dumb world

See the problem? It won’t be Doomdsay, but for millions it will be the end of their world.

Many consumer products today rely on computer chips, such as vehicles. They would stop working. The banking system would collapse along with the whole infrastructure of financial services. Manufacturers would be slammed. Every type of transportation, many government facilities—especially at the state and local levels—and hospitals, agribusinesses, water processing plants, electrical generating plants would collapsefor all practical purposes everything would grind to a halt.

Could the U.S. weather the storm?

Although a superpower, The United States economy and its infrastructure are very fragile. The attack on 911 proved that America can be defeated if just a few things go terribly wrong: the stand down of commercial aviation for about one week was sufficient to throw the entire American economy into a significant recession. Imagine a widespread technological collapse.

Fragile technology now drives the world

Remember, the weakening magnetic field would leave everything electronic fully exposed to intense solar storms and radio, television and communication systems would be knocked out for weeks, maybe months, perhaps years.

In one great blow America would be reduced to a Third World nation. It would happen in a matter of hours.

Earth’s worrisome mutating core

Adding to the grim scenario of the aftermath of a magnetic field collapse is the fact that research has revealed that increased magnetic storms coupled with the magnetic pole shift may be linked to a mysterious changing core mutation of the Earth. Skyquakes: Warnings From Earth’s Destabilizing Core

If true, that could precipitate mega-disasters such as the catastrophe that hit Japan during March 2011and worseit may even create a witch’s brew of madness, mayhem and mass death.

Magnetic madness: the danger of increased aggression and death

Solar flares reaching Earth through a weakened magnetic field lead to insanity and death.

That’s the shocking finding two famous researchers discovered in the 20th Century. Much of their work has been forgottenor suppressed.

The troubling connection between solar flares and their terrible effect on humans was discovered during 1915 by the brilliant Russian scientist Alexander Chizhevsky. He found strong evidence that solar storms are responsible for increased conflict, wars and death.

Magnetic fields arcing on exploding sun

Chizhevsky’s astounding research showed the rise and fall of solar activity—interacting with the Earth’s magnetic field—causes a frightening transformation in people’s overall moods, emotions and behavioral patterns.

He discovered that solar flare cycles can literally drive humans mad.

As the magnetic poles shift and erratically weaken the effects of solar madness can only escalate.

The shifting magnetic field cannot be stopped

A seperate study conducted by Professor Raymond Wheeler of the University of Kansas, revealed even more disturbing data. Wheeler, a noted historian of his time, focused his full expertise on the Russian scientist’s theory.

What Wheeler found greatly frightened him.

Applying a numerically weighted ranking system to separate wars—and even individual battles—Wheeler ranked them by length and severity. He then correlated the reams of data with the 11-year sunspot cycle.

The results shocked and horrified him. Chizhevsky was right. Mankind was at great risk, but totally blind to the danger.

Exposed Earth hit with repetitive solar blasts

What Wheeler confirmed was this: When the 11-year solar cycle peaked, so did human unrest, uprisings, rebellions, revolutions and all-out wars between nations.

As the technology falters war breaks out

It was almost as if the intense magnetic upswing directly affected the human brain and drove Mankind into deadly emotional tantrums and frenzied killing sprees.

Assaults, murders, rebellions, and bloody wars erupt across the globe.

Dead, abandoned city quickly falls into ruins

Magnetic shift: collapsed technology and increasing madness

As the flares increase and the sun becomes increasingly violent, spreading violence erupts on Earth.

The pattern is unmistakable and undeniable. At key points during the solar cycle—from minimum to maximum activity—the geomagnetic field begins to intensify as it comes under bombardment.

Magnetic permutations affect the human brain

Meticulous research shows that the magnetic field interacting with the electrochemically driven human brain has an adverse affect upon the deep-rooted psychological mechanisms. The negative influences include abnormal hormonal swings and significantly mutated brain wave activity.

This magnetic monster initiates a general mass hysteria and a degree of uncontrollable psychosis. It even affects other mammals.

And then the world goes mad.

Chaotic world could slip into murderous madhouse

The disturbing findings of doctors Becker and Freedman

During 1963 another piece of the terrifying magnetic brain puzzle snapped into place. The picture that took shape might have emerged from the roiling depths of hell.

Dr. Robert Becker’s research confirmed solar madness theory

Dr. Robert Becker and his colleague, Dr. Freedman, made an important—if unsettling—discovery. They determined that intense solar activity leads directly to psychotic outbreaks and mass insanity. Their work confirmed and underscored the research of Chizhevsky and Wheeler.

So, who was Becker? Some far out crackpot?


Dr. Robert Becker was a pioneering researcher and leading expert in the field of biological electricity. Twice nominated for the Nobel Prize, Becker also taught as a full professor at the State University of New York. He was a noted science author.

Becker died in 2008 with a final warning to the world about the approaching years of 2011 to 2014 and beyond.

Not many are heeding the warnings or preparing for this double threat: the planetary magnetic field in an erratic and unpredictable state of flux, and an increasingly angry sun.

Few are paying attention.

Are you?


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