Are We? How? Can We?

Posted: November 15, 2012 in 2012, world view
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This morning my son reminded me of an old wisdom, which to him realized through game, otherwise factual situation!
Child tells me:
– Mom, you know I can not wake Bato (his brother, my other son) when he is pretending to sleep, and when he is a sleep for real, I’ll just call, and he wakes up!
Haha-I smiled and then I thought, that a man who pretends to be asleep, it is impossible to awake!
I knew it before, but since I belong to the same group of pretenders, I was not, and I do not know now whether the time has come to wish me to wake up!

Does it comes due to continuous suffering, and then the only way out is when we dream, even if it’s artificially created.
Is it just a game from childhood, when we thought that if we have our eyes closed, we get the feeling that nobody looks at us.
Is it because they are inert in terms of change, it’s hard to accept the changes, so instead we close our eyes we overlook at things.
It is a ostrich syndrome.
Are we,
Are we,
Are we…..
Many questions we can put, but the fact is that
A person who is pretending to sleep, you can not wake up!
Until he wished himself to one joyful morning sun and lift the veil of fog inside his mind,
You can never wake him up!

original text by Dora Pan (Macedonian Dimension)


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