Macedonian Geoglyph

Posted: November 11, 2012 in MK4D
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Mystical sign gives Macedonians broaden insights about their past – Geoglyphs are works of art created in the earth’s soil by organized stacking of stones, earth or other material.

The origin of these drawings  visible from the sky is still unknown to most scholars of our  time. World famous Nazca Lines are a series of geometric shapes,  kilometers of lines and large drawings of animal and human figures and  shapes made on the desert floor in Nazca in Peru.
In Chile there are remnants of  the Inca culture, also represented through forms on earth and only just  visible from the sky. Series of such drawings are not only in South  America, but in Australia, UK, USA, which is clearly visible on this  map . According  to previous research, which today forms the science calls geoglifi were  created by ancient civilizations in order to show respect for their  gods, or of replicating well known “As Above, So Below” The same  way of copying the image of “Heavenly Paradise” is evident in Egypt,  where the Sphinx and Pyramids are placed just in order reflected a  perfect mirror of celestial movements of certain constellations and  positions, not just the stars but the sun and moon .
Macedonia is in  the list of world’s oldest civilizations. Geogliyph about the  size of a football field is located in Ovche Pole, near Sveti  Nikole. Clearly visible from a helicopter, airplane, and – on  Google Maps
Part of the  local population is aware of the existence of this place more than 15  years, and no doubt that for this was conscious and former Yugoslav  Army. These  days, scientists, adventurers, explorers from around the Balkans come  surprisingly in Sveti Nikole, taking into account the many (over)natural phenomena in the environment. The position of this geoglyph is in a exact direction north – south and located above the village Crnilishte.
Coincidentally,  the symbol painted on the ground which is not cultivated for centuries is  the same with some words from the middle text of Rosetta Stone,  deciphered by professors Bosevski Tome and Aristotle Tentov. Their  work clearly shows that the letter and the language of our ancestors is  the root not only of Macedonian, but through out to the Glagolitic and all  Slavic languages. According  transcription, read from north to south, the picture visible from the  sky corresponds to the Supreme Deity of ancient Macedonians, God DZE  (one who sees All, Supreme, Ruler, Prophet, The Sacred Eye, The Great  Eye) and his tribute to the Great Mother The Great Mother of the whole world – MACEDONIAThe  analogy of the symbol reflected the country with the supreme deity of  the ancient people of the region awakened interest among many people in  Macedonia.

Being interested in this place, calculate another  interesting parallel  –  north of there is a megalithic observatory Kokino and south Alshar mine  with lorandite. Through communication with researchers in this field,  understood, and  the similarity in the constellation Cassiopeia and its movement by Northern Star.
the place where it’s located is named KANDA
Paeonian God of War was KANDAON

to be continued..

Original text taken from CNN iReport


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