Urgent Warning! “Project Thor” Is At Hand!

Posted: October 20, 2012 in 2012, world news
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Back on March 20, 2012, a ‘simulated’ 7.9 magnitude Earthquake Drill in Mexico corresponded with an actual 7+ earthquake in the same location that the drill took place. Strangely enough, Barack Obama’s own daughter Malia also happened to be there, thankfully emerging unharmed, accomplishing a rare earthquake trifecta. What are the odds of a 7+ earthquake simulation drill occuring on the same day, time and location as a 7+ earthquake while Barack Obama’s daughter just happened to ‘attend’? I’d bet I’d be living as high and mighty a life as the bankers that create money out of thin air if I could have placed a bet on that! Hey oddsmakers out there; what would the odds be of those ‘coincidences’ aligning together?
I can just see what happened in the Obama White House during the time of the planning of the March earthquake. Malia: ”Well daddy, if it’s gonna just feel like a roller coaster ride, I wanna go!”
I bring this past event up in light of tomorrow’s “earthquake drills” across America. As youtube videographer Dutchsinse so matter of factly declares in the video below outlining Malia Obama’s “earthquake ride”, we the people deserve some answers. How does the recent explosion in Louisiana tie into this? What about FEMA’s HR6566?

Late Monday night deep down in the heart of Dixie, a mushroom cloud a mile and a half high emerged from the site of a so-called explosion at an underground bunker housing munitions. If you haven’t seen the close-up pictures of the explosion, it’s something to behold. It’s also something to question, and deeply. Check it out for yourself. Now I’m no explosives expert but that to me looks like the kinds of burns and scars from something that would have ‘come from above’ rather than from down below.

Now, how does this tie into tomorrows earthquake drills across America? For those who haven’t yet heard, elements from deep within our own govt now have the necessary tools to create earthquakes. Whether being the now famous HAARP or the less famous “Rods From God”, our govt, as well as the governments of our enemies (watch the video below!) now have the power to play God, and quite literally I’m afraid. Why couldn’t these people to whom we’ve entrusted our greatest levels of power be “Gods” of a benevolent nature, rather the kinds of ‘devils’ they choose to be? What are ‘Rods from God’ and how do they tie into this? The picture above may hold the answer.
According to Wikipedia, “Rods From God” is “a kinetic bombardment; the act of attacking a planetary surface with an inert projectile, where the destructive force comes from the kinetic energy of the projectile impacting at very high velocities. The concept is encountered in science fiction and is thought to have originated during the Cold War.” Further, “Project Thor is an idea for a weapons system that launches kinetic projectiles from Earth orbit to damage targets on the ground. Jerry Pournelle originated the concept while working in operations research at Boeing in the 1950s before becoming a science-fiction writer.
The time between deorbiting and impact would only be a few minutes, and depending on the orbits and positions in the orbits, the system would have a world-wide range. The idea is that the weapon would inflict damage because it moves at orbital velocities, at least 9 kilometers per second. Smaller weapons can deliver measured amounts of energy as small as a 225 kg conventional bomb. Some systems are quoted as having the yield of a small tactical nuclear bomb. These designs are envisioned as a bunker buster.

What is the mainstream news now telling us about the incident in Louisiana? That it took place in an underground munitions bunker! What a perfect test for the X-37B, which coincidentally was recently relaunched for an October top secret mission, than to deliver a ‘bunker busting’ kinectic projectile to blow up an underground munitions bunker! Project Thor and Rods from God can also deliver Earthquakes, according to Wikipedia, “in Peter F. Hamiltons The Night’s Dawn Trilogy, “kinetic harpoons” are used to bombard the surface of a planet. The book in which the event occurs also specifies how the staggering of the harpoons impact caused the shockwaves from the impacts to contract and result in an artificial earthquake.”
So, we have another ‘fecta’ lining up for tomorrow with a Coast to Coast earthquake drill occuring several days after a mysterious ‘explosion’ at a munitions bunker which could have quite easily been delivered by a top-secret X-37B space plane that also just happened to have relaunched recently for another top secret mission. Taken together with the Earthquake drill trifecta in Mexico in March and the recent announcement FEMA’s mass casualty HR6566, none of this passes the smell test. Be on guard America! The forces of evil are at hand…


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