Planet NIBIRU – Chinese News Expose Footage

Posted: October 20, 2012 in 2012, world view
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Planet NIBIRU- Chinese News Expose Footage October/ 10.15.2012.


Recently, Earth has been visited on many, many occasions and witnessed by the thousands. There is no explanation from NASA and other constabularies are hiding whatever they can and as much as they can from the population of the world.We are not alone in this immense universe and there IS one more planet in our Solar System that enters our vicinity every 3,600 years. It is during this time that Intelligent Beings, (also referred to as Galactic Beings and Extra Dimensional Beings) which are far more advanced than us, capable of travelling in space and started visiting our planet some half a million years ago. These Intelligent Beings are the ones who were directly involved in genetically engineering the homo sapien. DNA was genetically manipulated to produce Beings that looked like them, would think like them and be able to learn from them. 
So… UFO’s have been around and sighted since Ancient times
Ancient Sumerians was the first civilization on Earth and was taught everything they knew by their Gods – the ‘Anunnaki’ this translates to ‘Those who from heaven to earth come’. The Sumerians knew of every planet in our Solar System, they knew their colours, they knew about their moons and even claim Mars once had water – this is something that, even with the technological advancements of today, is what we are just touching on and starting to discover!
Everything they knew came from the teachings of the Anunnaki, the Anunnaki came from another planet named Nibiru – translated as ‘The planet of the crossing’ and that Nibiru comes into our Solar System every 3,600 years due to it’s legnthy elliptical orbit. The date that Nibiru is to enter our Solar System is 21/12/2012.

Where does one look for their arrival?

Answer: In the Southern skies. 
The fact that NASA has located a massive black object in the Southern skies and the recent reactivation of the telescopes in Argentina and Chile seems to indicate a renewed interest in that portion of the heavens.

Zichariah Sitchin added – “be more prepared when the Anunnaki arrive.”


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