Pole Shift Now: The Elite and Earth Changes

Posted: October 3, 2012 in 2012, world view
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s the world leaders met in New York at the UN General Assembly, strange events where taking place in the back channels.

It would appear as if they knew “Something Wicked This Way Comes” and perhaps we should prepare for it as well.

What could it be though?   World War 3? Cataclysmic Earth Changes?  Viral Armageddon?

Quakes Shaking & Volcanoes Blowing

At the time of this writing, we currently have 66 volcanoes in various stages of eruption.   We also have had five 7.0+ earthquakes in the last 45 days.

To say there is “no significant increase” in seismological events would just be ignorant at this point.

Immediately, the science trolls will state things like “We are still within historical ranges, do not worry”.

I call bullshit.

As I prepare for my upcoming audio project on earth changes, I am scouring documentation of seismological changes, I have found some startling information.

If you graph the number of earthquakes over the last 20 years, we do have slight up ticks followed by more quiet years.

That is until 2005, when the numbers started increasing.   Unfortunately, the truth of the information is being covered by the assertion that quakes are not increasing.

All Earthquakes from 2000 to 2011 as recorded by the USGS

This is partially true.   The amount of total earthquakes over the last decade are pretty much consistent.

It wasn’t until I had a conversation with Alvin Conway from the Extinction Protocol that I realized that the scientists were missing a key point.

If you remove all of the quakes under the magnitude of 5.0, leaving only 5.0 and greater quakes, a startling trend emerges.

Earthquakes with a 5.0 or greater magnitude from 2000 to 2011 as recorded by the USGS

According to these numbers, an increase of large quakes is happening around us.

It will be interesting to look at the numbers for 2012 and see if this trend continues and gauging from the news reports, 2012 will probably be a record year for large quakes.

As the previous post states, world leaders seem to be disappearing in mass and Congress will not be in session until after the election.

Also, the Canadian leaders were strangely silent at the UN meeting.   Prime Minister Stephen Harper traveled to New York but skipped the General Assembly sending Jason Kenney who is a low level  Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism to address the Assembly on Iran and Syria.

All this harkens back to the strange meeting with Mayor Bloomberg, Oprah, David Rockefeller, George Soros, Ted Turner, who were invited by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates to meet in a private meeting free of staffers and anyone who isn’t in on what-ever the secret meeting was about.

Arctic Earth Changes hit a Critical Point

All these strange movements make me wonder what is going on here in my backyard.

Here in the Arctic circle many strange incidents are taking place.  It was only a year ago when in we had 3 major plane crashes within 2 months.   We have never heard a descent explanation on why these aircraft dropped out of the sky in such rapid succession.

The strange part is, the absolute secrecy surrounding these events.   3 planes dropping out of the sky in 8 weeks, and not one answer other than “It must have been foggy”.

Now, a year later, earth changes have gone mad.   As I sit here typing, the weather outside is warm and beautiful. I should be happy about this… right?

No, this is not good.   While as a resident of a snow covered land, I do enjoy the extra warmth, the fact that we are a full month behind on fall weather is unsettling.   Usually by this time, we have had at least one snowfall.

Not this year, not even a single flake has fallen and it is now October 1.  This stretch of warm weather has lasted since March.   Generally summer here only lasts from June to August.   Even as the last few years seemed a bit unstable as far as weather patterns go, this year is off the charts.

It all harkens back to Alternative 3 in my mind.   Especially when the new Mars rover landed in a spot that was crowned “Yellowknife”.   The elite know there is something special about this place and I’m not really sure what it is.

A few years ago, NASA mounted a camera to the top of an abandoned mine hoist that they claimed was for viewing the Northern lights.   As anyone that lives here will tell you, the light pollution in town really dims the full vibrancy of the aurora.   Why was NASA insistent on putting it within city limits?

I am quickly becoming convinced that we are indeed in the throws of a pole shift.  This is why the elite are meeting and disappearing.   Remember when Obama disappeared to Denver International last year during the big “Elenin” fiasco?    Perhaps he was just going to check on preparations.

Pole Shift Now

These events come as more and more people around the globe are noticing that the sun is no longer rising in its usual spot, here is a collection of videos with people documenting the shifting of the sun.




The more I dig, the more shaken I become.   I know I’m getting close to the truth, but what is the truth?

Are we experincing a natural phenomena predicted by the Mayan’s and Hopi?   Or have we screwed our atmosphere into a feedback loop with our dependence on fossil fuels and chemical lifestyles?

I fear, my friends, that we are headed towards a cataclysm that will dwarf anything in recorded history.

  1. The problem with the earthquake data is last year the USGS manipulated the data by reducing the number of high magnitude earthquakes,here’s a video explaining what happened last year to distort the findings..

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