Light Beings

Posted: September 28, 2012 in 2012, MK4D
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Who are the Light Beings?

The Light Beings are a group consciousness. They exist in the non-physical realms, but many of their ‘members’ have lived physical lives. They are, like we, a part of “All That Is” and reside in what they call the 6th dimension. Sometimes the channeled “Beings” speak from “I”, but mostly from “we”.
Their energy is a part of the Source, which we may all access in our own way if we are open to it and our intention is pure.  The Light Beings are a name offered to us by the consciousness that most of us channels because, as they put it, we “humans like to put labels on things.”

“We do not care what you would like to address us as, since we are a body of entities that have one goal, and that is to aid the human form at this time to survive a most difficult period. If you prefer, you might just want to call us Light Beings”

“But we are of light bodies. The vibrations are much higher, the frequencies are much higher than earth bodies, and therefore, if you were able to see us we would appear more as a light.”

“We normally do not sense any kind of individuality as you would perceive it. We are an energy that combines many different elements to make up what you would call a group. Our interests are similar, and that is what brings us together. Egos and personalities do not exist in the way that it impedes you human kinds. When you ask a question, it is as though many so called signals join to give you an answer, and it may not be from any specific entity but a joining of efforts, so to speak. This information comes to you in a different way than in some of the so called channels. They may receive an individual entity that speaks through the physical body, and the personality is taken on by the entity that acts as a vehicle. We simply want to give information that will be helpful in moving You and others that may decide to participate forward in this shift of the earths’ plane, and hope through such communication to give some practical guidance as well.”

Q: Is there anything you would like to say to people in general, on the web?

LBs: There are so many changes at this time on the planet, both on the earth plane and the physicality of each individual, and it is not, perhaps, accepted or understood that the actual DNA, at the quantum level is changing in the human being, and there are many things that are no longer applicable on the earth plane as in the past. And so it is getting more and more difficult for one to understand the element of time. Time seems to be collapsing upon itself for most individuals. There does not seem to be the, should we say, earth time in the same perception that it has been in the past, and so the nervous system of each individual is having trouble adjusting to this collapse of time. It is very difficult to explain because in
reality no time exists, and yet time is very important on your earth plane. And so there is a dichotomy, a difficulty understanding that, if it doesn’t exist, how can it be affecting? And if it does exist, then why is it collapsing?
So there is great confusion in many of the entities in the perception of what is happening to them in their life. What at one time seemed to be a normal 24 hours in a day no longer appears to be in that same span of time. And sleep patterns are being tremendously disturbed due to this time element, as well as the stresses that are being implemented on a daily basis. Unless the individual entity can learn to deal with the perception of time, and with the change that is affecting the nervous system, you are going to see far more chronic disease, things that are going to subtly change the body until it can no longer function. So it is of utmost importance to understand the need for balance, the need for the ability to allow the nervous system to relax, to unwind, and to have the ability to balance. Otherwise you are going to see people that are in constant chaos until their bodies can no longer exist in chaos.

Q: I know you’re having trouble explaining concrete examples of a perception of time. I have a sense that there’s so much I want to do that I don’t have time to get it done. Are you saying that people’s general perception of what they want to do, or have to do can’t fill a day, and so they get emotionally unbalanced, or nervous, they won’t rest as much because of that?

LBs: That’s the unbalancing that we are speaking of, because time is literally collapsing within, upon itself. It is perception, but it is more than that.

Q: Is there a ‘real’ time in our 3-D, and then there is ‘perceptual’ time, such that the real time is getting contracted? In other words, real time and perceptual time should probably be in sync. If real time is contracting, then perceptual time feels it has to catch up, so to speak, and it’s having trouble? Is that it?

LBs: It’s not exactly that, but that is not a bad analogy, because the nervous system now is in fight or flight almost all of the time, because as you are saying, one never feels……..

Q: Done.

LBs: Correct. Never feels that they have quite done enough.

Q: They can’t relax.

LBs: Correct. Or that they’ve learned enough, or that they’ve earned enough, or that they’ve completed enough, or that they’ve experienced enough, or, and it goes on and on. You can look at your technology….

Q: A lot of it is the input, the constant stimulation of everything around us?

LBs: Correct, there is so much for one to experience, both visually and auditorially and kinesthetically that it is almost impossible for the nervous system to be able to handle the total stimulation.

Q: Ok, well that’s a different way of putting it. And that’s not just in modern society? That’s even in the third world; even there, without all the input from the technology?

LBs: To a degree, the third world is experiencing it, but not in the same capacity that you are; but, yes, there is the element of collapsing of time. And that’s very difficult to explain to you unless you could see the entire universal picture.

Q: So there are two issues for the Western world; the collapsing of time plus the technological lifestyle frenzy with everyone running around trying to do so much?

LBs: Correct. If you could step back into your early nineteenth century you would be absolutely amazed at the difference in even the perception of time.

Q: Like the old farmers that were never in a rush to go anywhere and yet the city folks were always faster…….

LBs: There’s a difference, though, in that respect, there have always been some differences in different lifestyles, but this is a universal thing that is now happening.

Q: Off the planet as well?

LBs: Correct.

Q: The collapsing of time; that’s associated with going into a higher dimension to some degree?

LBs: As the vibrations increase, the nervous system has to adjust, and with that increased vibration there is also the perception that time is speeding up. It’s very difficult to explain that because it is a perception.

Q: The atomic clock won’t show it, but our feelings of life will be affected and it seems faster?

LBs: Correct, and yet even the atomic clocks are going to eventually show some deviation.

Q: Ok. You talk about DNA changing at the quantum level, but as you know, at present there is no instrumentation, it [quantum theory] is all theoretical; there is no instrumentation that can directly perceive a state of being or a change in a state of being at the quantum level. Is this not so?

LBs: That is correct. There is not the technology at this point in your evolution.

Q: So, how does that help us, telling us it is at the quantum level?

LBs: It is helping you to understand that what you are feeling is real. That it is not an imaginary issue that has no real validity.

Q: Like a belief system?

LBs: Correct. It is something that is happening in the human entity; the change.

Q: Are any of the alien races that visit the earth, do they have instruments that can measure what you’re talking about?

LBs: Uh, not within your galaxy. It is a great time of change, a great time of chaos, but a great time for any entity that wants to make a huge leap in their consciousness, a huge leap in their movement forward in their evolution, or into that next dimension; it is available. So it can be a very exciting time if one is willing to recognize and take the steps necessary by honoring their body, and what it needs to be able to stay balanced, to stay within what the nervous system can handle.

Q: Physically, mentally and emotionally.

LBs: That is correct. If one does not achieve that balance, then there is a breakdown not only at the cellular level, but at your mental and spiritual level.

Q: it all makes sense until we get stimulated by that outside information.

LBs: That is correct, and it is much more….

Q: Too much internet and TV and Radio, too much going on…….

LBs: It is not just your television or your media; not that, because literally there is much more, everything from your solar waves to your created electromagnetic fields that you’re exposed to, and the total change in your atmosphere from the emissions that you’re putting out. There are so many things that are responsible for creating these issues you are presently experiencing.

Q: Thank you for clarifying that. We bid you a fond goodnight.

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