Planet X/Nibiru Is Real: Announcement By The United States Will Happen Before November 2012!

Posted: September 27, 2012 in 2012, world news
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Two Suns Reported On Russian News

Obama To Announce Planet X and ET Presence?

What will people who have been claiming Planet X/Nibiru/Wormwood/The Destroyer is a myth say when President Obama and NASA get on TV and announce it is real and approaching the earth?  Answer:  Nothing!  They will mostly slink away and pretend they were not part of the cover up.  All those sites debunking Planet X will disappear or switch over to supposedly providing the public information that has been held back since at least 1983 when Planet X was found.

Nibiru: Pending Announcement Status

Planet X/Nibiru arrived in the inner solar system in 2003; it is coming from the direction of the sun (not Jupiter or the Kuiper Belt!).  Planet X comes around about every 3,657 years, so this is not the first time our large brother has shown up.

People Worldwide Seek Answers About Planet X

An official announcement that Planet X is real is going to happen before the U.S. elections in November.  Since Obama is clearly winning – all but one swing state is now leaning Democratic – any claims by Romney that the announcement is political and meant to get Obama elected will be absurd lies.  The pending announcement is being forced on the U.S., but that will not be admitted because that leads to the other major cover up, the existence of visiting ETs.

Here is how the official announcement may happen:

1.  Around 8:00 p.m. on a Friday evening (when the U.S. stockmarkets are closed) there will be a live, special report/breaking news event on TV;

2.  President Obama will make a basic introduction about the necessity for the special report and the need to remain calm;

3. NASA will take the stage, admit to covering up the existence of Planet X all these years, and carefully explain Planet X/Nibiru is real (probably with some photographic proof since it is still difficult to see due to the glare of the sun).

The reason for the cover up will be supposed “panic” if the common man knew the truth.

It will become abundantly clear exactly why NASA, JPL, the USGS, and many others have been part of the cover up of Nibiru.  That cover up includes professional astronomers with National Security Directives, confidentiality agreements, threats, and bribes hanging over their heads.  When amateur astronomers tried to report or confirm their findings, they were told they are wrong or seeing things that do not exist (the lens flare excuse is the most common lie).

You will finally know why the earth changes and signs in the sky are down-played or covered up in the mainstream media because they are almost all due to the nearby presence of Planet X:  Sinkholes, albino animals, mysterious deaths of animals, collapsing bridges and buildings, fireballs, permafrost meling, Arctic ice melting, extreme weather, extreme drought and deluge, increasing earthquakes, tornados in places that don’t get them, record breaking heat and cold, increasing volcanic activity, governments obviously preparing for something big, and the moon/sun/constellations frequently out of position are due to the nearby presence of Planet X.  (Planet X will not collide with the earth, and there will be no extinction level event.)

The elites of the world do not want you to know the truth while they prepare to survive (bunkers, stockpiling of food and meds – the real reason why there are so many shortages of critical medicines now).

Please do not envy those elites, most of whom still do not want the reality of Planet X/Nibiru to become official and widely known.  Those mega-wealthy and/or powerful people mistakenly think they can put up enough food and supplies and their private guards will protect them from the masses.  These elites have some important karmic lessons coming their way. and are among the least likely to survive the pending pole shift.  (Those bunkers will likely be death tombs during the hour of the pole shift:  A shallow, covered, narrow trench is what will work for most people as protection from the worst effects of the pole shift event.)

Rather than have YOU be totally surprised when YOU can see Planet X with your own two eyes, the United States is going to come partially clean about it.  YOU will know for sure Planet X is real and then you can make free will decisions about what to about it, if anything.

The pole shift can be survived, but not if you do not even know Planet X is real.  Soon you will know!  Later you will see what I and many others already have:  Planet X!

Nibiru: Pending Announcement Status

People Worldwide Seek Answers About Planet X

Obama To Announce Planet X and ET Presence?

  1. J.R. says:

    LOL If NIBIRU end up being real I’ll wear the same pair of socks for a week & then eat them. You NIBTARDS, quite literally, blame EVERYTHING on this imaginary “Planet”. Spend your time looking into something real, like the Galactic Super Wave, the Photon Belt & the Glactic Plain.

  2. jacoh dos anjos. says:

    mais uma de só aacredito vendo.

  3. Valerie Ann says:

    In addition, Earth Sky has been trying to debunk Nibiru and PlanetX. I have sent them videos at Neumeyer station and they stopped responding to me, ONLY when I produced my videos/

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  5. Scott says:

    Sorry, believe in a lot of stuff, but this is f*****g nonsense.

    • Valerie Ann says:

      So Scott can you provide any proof that it is NOT real? In addition, I have done research and found that a number of astronomers have experienced “questionable” deaths after discovering elenin. hmmmm one would question this. SO provide me proof that it does not exxist, or are you too afraid of the possibilities. I AM ALSO SURE THAT YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW ABOUT THE NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT OR ANY OTHER EXECUTIVE ORDERS WHICH HAVE BEEN SIGNED INTO FEDERAL LAW WHICH SUSPENDS TO U.S. CONSTITUTION. I bring this up merely to prove a point that people are in denial and cannot come to grips with possibilities. there have been 9 extinctions here on earth. Did you know that> So what make syou so sure that it cannot happen again. Check out 2012 DA14 which is an asteroid that comes so close to earth. i seen it in the JPL. I would love to see you rproof and research on this very issue.

      • Bob says:

        Are you the author of this article? Could you give me your source for the information presented in this article about Planet X and announcement scenario? It’s best to understand and discern information when there is documented sources (first hard, second hand, etc.). Thanks

      • I'm twelve so your old says:

        Stop being so dogmatic. You look stupid calling people you don’t now by thier first name so leave him alone. You know what day it is today? December 21,2012. Nothing unusual is happening? Anyways, he has his own opinions just like you have yours so stop trying to make him view this like you do.

    • Tod says:

      what do you believe in? all those ancient writings which speak of this planet and its inhabitants? what are those? fakes? lmfao id like to know what it is you believe in? you believe in the bible which has been changed and re-wrote a million times to suit the common sheep to control him and his/her family. priests who rape and molest kids spread the word on the “lord” and you believe it? with no proof? but we show you artifacts, scriptures, and you say its fake?

    • Valerie Ann says:

      Scott, I hope you are right!. I have been conducting research to either prove or disprove Nibiru/Planet X. either way, we will know soon enough

  6. Bill & Ben says:

    Apologies to Scott & J.R, Planet X or Nibiru call it what you will but Im sorry to inform you both that it is REAL. And how do I know it is for real, well Im glad you asked. We are mediums/psychic’s and we are connected to the devine and we have been told the big one is coming and all people need to prepare for the pole shift.

    • Isobel says:

      Completey insane assholes!

    • I'm twelve I speak the truth can you say the same says:

      Really? I would love to know what day that’s going to happen. Also while your reading my comment look at what day month and year at is. If you believe “doomsday” is today, you are very and completely wrong. This is not an opinion, it’s a fact and now what you are all saying, that the world is done for, it’s a lie. So not only did you lie to yourself, you people scared me when I was younger and you are also very VERY dogmatic. Look at you, expressing opinions as if they were facts. But if anything special were to happen this month, my hat goes off to you. I may be only twelve, but I don’t say things I will regret. You hear that? Oh it’s just birds chirping and the wind blowing. Well if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just go about my day while all of you huddle up In your survival chambers, whatever you want to call them.

  7. Nivaldo Ferreira says:

    And the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God and his power, and no one could enter the temple until the seven plagues of the seven angels. Revelation 15:8

  8. Some girl says: I had a dream years ago about an earthquake I use to call it, well use to say it was like the earth tilted suddenly a lot less people were alive. I see this info has been disclosed to Russian public but not to us then I heard it was just a contest and not real but now Marian Visionaries are saying there will be changes in the sky and all need to repent and come closer to holiness and drop all of your lack of purity and follow the commandments of God to live a more moralistic life is good for all involved.

  9. I always Knew that NASA lies, I’d like to honor everyone who pulled out the Good work up until today, since we truly know that Planet X exist, I’m wondering what lies politicians and religious people they’re preparing to tell people, to me these people has became professional liars. They need to be ashamed of themselves, why they were doing stupid cover ups ? Thanks to everyone who put out the good work.

    • Valerie Ann says:

      @Knight. I can understand and feel your frustrations. But think about it. This kind of news will cause chaos and worldwide panic unitl this thing comes around. I am in no way justifying the lack of non-disclosure. I am merely providing you with a factor in why we are not being told. This is why you conduct your own research, as I do. If it comes around and you prepare yourself then you are prepared, if you are unaware and unprepared your chance of survival will be much miore unlikely. I would rather be prepared and informed even if this doe snot happeen. So I know you are frustrated at this. Just remain aware of any possibilities.

      • Tod says:

        well said my friend. the government is’nt corrupt for no reason. think about it. they don’t care because the elite behind them know they can keep us in the dark, make they’re money, we are the slaves of egypt who worked to give they’re owners what they want. riches and mansions. bunkers and doomsday houses, they will survive off our sweat. fuck the rothschilds.

      • Tom says:

        If this planet were to exist, not only would it be EXTREMELY visible since we are less than two weeks away from its supposed “arrival”, but amateur astronomers would also be spotting it. Even if there was a government cover-up, it would just be government officials saying that there isn’t a “Planet X” or Nibiru. Amateur astronomers who don’t work for the government would be able to see it with their own technology. It’s just not a logical possibility. And trust me, I’m not just saying this because the majority of the human population would say no to this theory, but this is something that we would definitely already know about as a proven fact. There is no factual evidence to support this claim at all, just speculation and internet rumors that cause mass hysteria in cyberspace. People choose to believe something like this because it’s exhilarating and interesting, something that draws interest and attention for one’s self. Millions of people would be seeing this thing and it would all over news stations and the internet. And by millions of people I mean millions of photos would be circulating around the internet, not just 10 edited photos of somebody putting a second and binary sun into a photo with our sun.

  10. Nicholas@Bendigo says:

    I must point out that I believe in Nibiru, there is plenty of written history to support it. Only problem is that the same history puts it’s last visit just prior to the birth of Christ, which makes it not due again until about the year 3600. It currently is still outside the solar system proper! Please don’t alter the facts just because it’s 2012 and you’re living in it.

  11. This is not Nibiru. Neytronnnaya star class “propeller (Typhon) – second sun in the solar system. Petroglyphs, rock paintings with images of stars.

  12. Ronel Storm says:

    Read Zacharia Sitchens books on this subject. Very informative.

  13. eric tyson says:

    Yes neil is my first cousin .. And believe me he looks at the sky more than all of u put together…if nibiru was coming .. My family would have been for warned way before now….sorry to burst bubble … By now it would be way visible and one of the brightest things in the sky….something that much bigger than the earth would be illuminated by the sun and not hidden…and if u guys are referring to that little spec behind the sun its called a trojan asteroid which poses no immediate threat…so get out your parents basement and get a job.

  14. eric tyson says:

    Nice photo shop..but nibiru is suppose to be orbited by several smaller planets …

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  16. […] Planet X/Nibiru Is Real: Announcement By The United States Will Happen Before November 2012! […]

  17. […] Planet X/Nibiru Is Real: Announcement By The United States Will Happen Before November 2012! […]

  18. […] Planet X/Nibiru Is Real: Announcement By The United States Will Happen Before November 2012! […]

  19. PalmerEldritch says:

    “An official announcement that Planet X is real is going to happen before the U.S. elections in November.”

    Mm…..I must have missed that. Maybe you meant the 2016 election. LOL

  20. […] Planet X/Nibiru Is Real: Announcement By The United States Will Happen Before November 2012! […]

  21. huiaso says:

    this all is FUCK and shit

  22. bobert says:

    You, sir, are very, very dumb. For all of who are scared because of this BULLSHIT nothing is going to happen. There is not one bit of evidence towards this theory. As well as there is professional astronomers, there are amatuer astronomers who watch the sky as well and don’t work for any company, but just want to be well informed as well. Some of these amatuers have high tech telescopes as well as telescopes in space, and would probably be informed BEFORE OR POSSIBLY AS THE SAME TIME AS NASA OR ANY OTHER SPACE PROGRAM. As real at this planet maybe, what makes it any different than any other planet? Other planets obviously revolve around the and follow a certain pattern. If you look up in the sky once and see a second sun (which is rare but has happened even before all this nibiru bull came about) it doesn’t mean its the end of the world. If the planet hasn’t pdassed pluto by now, its not coming in our lifetime, so even if this nibiru does exsist, it has about a 5% chance of hitting us any time in the next hundred years. Don’t let these dumbass hippes fool you people. Live your life.

  23. PalmerEldritch says:

    What’s that big pink arrow in the sky? Is it heading towards Earth? It looks kinda dangerous to me !! I

  24. mayg027 says:

    i was reasearching last night that the world is not gonna get hit by nibiru and that picture with the arrow pointing to the nibiru is not true because knowone actually knows that that little circle was nibiru.
    some people are just bonkers conkers

  25. Neha says:

    12/21/12 bitches and I’m still alive! And I do hope SOMETHING happens by the end of tonight! I’m going to watch 2012 again just for the heck of it! Ciao!

  26. […] Planet X/Nibiru Is Real: Announcement By The United States Will Happen Before November 2012! […]

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