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Posted: September 25, 2012 in 2012
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The Heaven’s divine have acknowledged that a moderate amount of awareness is essential for us to find neutral ground but wanting too much is wasting time and energy at a time when the world needs help as man is drawing to the most important cross roads in human history as evident in ancient times and most are factual, set in stone. Most ancient prophecies around the world incorporating many civilizations that this is an important pivot in time in what is to come of the worlds future; Mayan Calender, Hopi prophecies and other Indian prophecies, Ancient Egyptians and their Pyramids play a part in the prophecies and others, Hindu, the feminine is to appear and it is said by Jesus that before the end of age, not the end of the world, God will bring forth two of his children to help rescue, give hope to all his children, with one on the clouds and one on earth linked. It is branded in religion as a Savoir, a Messiah; an anointed one chosen by God through which salvation is obtained to help lead his children back onto the right path. Nostradamus and others, Astrologists have also prophesied that we are drawing close to a new age. The end of 2012 is said to be about the time for all these prophesies to come to light.

I have been counseled by Heaven that the people who know me will accept this as gospel and need no explanation as they already embrace true faith and trust the messenger of this long awaited good hope inspiring news that they have all been yearning for, giving them confirmation of what is and what will transpire, giving them a renewed aspiration. You on the other hand will ponder over and research what is declared in this journal as being the truth, then you will want to accept it as true and genuine regardless of your own belief system as you are human with innate basic human instincts, searching to fulfill your fundamental instinctive humanly wants and needs with an immense yearning for a better future, giving you a genuine meaning to life, the same as with every other human in existence as you know every direction you turn you witness a growing sorrow; the worlds people are walking with heads down and a burden of weight upon their shoulders hoping deep within for a better tomorrow, searching for the light at the end of the tunnel. Inevitably you know you have nothing to lose, but ample to gain from trusting what is within this journal as you finally understand and appreciate it is the world’s journal and the worlds journey.

Until I reread this intermission hoping not to leave anything out along came some help from heaven to guide me. I was not expecting to write a divination but hay I’m only the messenger who is willing to help all Divine spiritual beings that ever was and ever will be to give this foreshadowing. I write the following with their full guidance.

What I now understand by what is conveyed from Heaven and without delving into these mentioned prophecies is that the end of December 2012 is an elemental momentous symbolic moment as we all look to the skies, Heaven at the splendor that will be in front of us all and so this is a time to contemplate what has preceded and what is to proceed; the crossroads, the axis of what is to become; do we recede or do we soar. It is our choice, but heed that it is what we choose now that will affect all, especially the futures generations and we all have to live with what is to become the world’s future. We have only a short span of time to set things in motion to either balance the scales or demolish the scales. The latter will be unfortunate to the future of the world and the people who call it home as all man live on borrowed time and time is of the essence.

This symbolic time will be known as the coming into the new age and leaving the old behind, spiritualists refer to this period of time to the spiritual awakening. Christians call this the Day of Judgment that is coming upon us in the future and only God knows when. This moment in time of this special astral aliment of the planets etc; astrological, astronomical phenomenon is analogous to the emblematical time where we celebrate New Year’s and enter the proceeding year by making an oath to one’s self to make something better in one’s personal life. That’s why this December, this is the time of truth making this moment very significant to all and will be remembered in history by the masses as being a triumphant moment in time or the downfall, defeat in all that is and meant to be.

At this symbolic moment when man looks to the skies in awe of the physical phenomenon know that all who came before will be witness too, that all who came before and that will never come in human form will be witness. Know that you will be part of the physical marvel, but also another phenomenon but of a spiritual kind that has never been experienced by man before:

The ground beneath where ever you stand at this time you will be on hallowed ground at this moment earth and heaven will become one and the heavens will be dissolved and become no longer, but united, it’s not God who will solely judge and condemn at this time it is one’s own responsibility. God will be witness and will be alongside you supporting you as it is the moment for self-judgement, salvation and resolution at this moment consciously and subconsciously, to self forgive and forgive others and start with a clean slate and pledge that you will live righteously, to set right and help heal the world not just for yourself, but for all living creatures and who will live on this glorious earth and the earth itself, hence the world will flourish. Subsequently after self- judging and your own recognition of deliverance it will then be an opening for personal salvation between you and God, a time for redemption, forgiveness and a renewing of faith in what is, acceptance of the revelation, the making of knowing what has been concealed and instil your faith in the one and only God, YHWH, (Yahwah). This personal salvation with God will not be enforced by hand of man or Heaven, but know there are natural consequences to not pledging to help heal the world in its entirety. You do not have to have any religious faith to know the consequences. There are spiritual Divine beings that are now in unison working with the one and only God, YHWH, that will also be witness and alongside God for you to give appreciation in your own way if you so wish.

As the heavens know for this to work in unison with the people of the world that all have to put indifference’s and dissension aside and bring all spiritual paths in alignment and harmonize with each other. So heaven and earth need to align as in the alignment in the skies as prophesied and set in stone before you, and work in harmony and show tolerance to all.

Ignore the pledge to vow to help the world and create a better future, be belligerent and consciously obstinate and you will automatically pledge to not amend your ways and then you take accountability of what is to befall. God and all as your witness, as you stand at the cross roads deciding which road to take and what vow you will make consciously or subconsciously it doesn’t matter as you will pledge one way or the other knowingly or unknowingly as God sees into your true soul. So even if you think there is no God, will you choose to strive for a positive flourishing future or a dismal future; it’s still a choice that needs to be made, as this is not just a personal pledge that affects your personal life and worth, it is a resolution bigger than you, encompassing all now and into the future. It is the most important pledge that affects humanity and earth itself and equality, quality and sustainability of life into the future.

It is an awakening of the true soul on all levels where you have a chance to step into the future with your heads held high regardless of race and differences at the same time being virtuous, supporting fellowman, and becoming the humanitarians and the caretakers of the earth, that you are born to be. This is in reality parallel to looking after family and your home, as is an expected normal part of life.

If you take this positive step together without being pretentious, work together to truly, not superficially heal the world at all levels, you will create a healthier future and sow what is needed for the rejuvenation and growth of natures innate steps so all can nurture inner growth, wisdom and awareness giving a renewed fulfillment and enjoy life and not just subsist.

Righteous dwells in the new age of heaven and earth if all are willing to live in unison and travel a road of compassion. The new will come when the old is renewed to what is supposed to be, not what freewill of man has destroyed and not nurtured that was the lesson that man has not heed.

If all are to be obstinate in all ways and wish to halt at the crossroads that are drawing close and do nothing to heal the world at all levels then the effects will be dire as all will go into the future, the end of age, into the new age, not learning what it is to be human and the future will be in a downward spiral for all of humanity, not to mention the state of the earth, as it is transparently obvious all cannot keep traveling down this current road. If all do, all will see the destruction all allowed to happen in your wake.

If you struggle to believe this foreshadowing, consider for a minute do you have compassion within to heal the world for your children and your children’s children and so on and if you do not have children what about your relatives children and their children, because if all do nothing to change ways then it is still going to not only impede, but be disheartening for the people of future generations to subsist, not have the right of opportunity to live a life of worth, in a world to be proud of, instead non action will leave all a dismal world full of excessive poverty, dissolute, slothful way of life in a barren desolation on earth for eternity.

Non action will be seen as a serious transgression on mans part, act of willful destruction, neglect, deprive of one’s freedom and right to live in freedom, from harm and strife, vandalism as man will be judged, go down in history as the worst civilization that ever was, unloving, abandonment, self-righteous and slothful to mention some. All will be alike to the oppressive in history; Adolf Hitler, Bin Ladin just to name two who made people’s lives miserable and were held accountable as this was their choosing by free will and the consequences to their actions.

To you our Destiny’s Child, our elect Lady which was set in stone and prophesied throughout ancient times as the feminine figure to return as the harbinger of light, and your children’s souls are meant to witness this coming who all here who have known the truth remember the love your souls shared before with the one and only in heaven and son. Kin has united in this lifetime to witness this moment as set in stone. One son the bright morning star and the other you mothered twice and he held values in stone and still shines outward within the modern world, the old shinning through. Michael is also as you know kin from old and all is to witness this moment of hope as meant to be if only the world shall see with open eyes to the truth then all shall see the glory in unison at this moment as set in stone.

The end of old, cleansed, and reborn into a new age, a new world, holding prosperity, love, compassion, and righteousness and not self-righteous.

Grace, mercy, and peace will be with you. Your children are witness to what is to come, within their souls they will know even though their current mind will not understand.

The Glory of God will rain down in the hearts of those who show creed, a want to not only heal themselves, but all of humanity and mother earth as they are linked as is heaven. One cannot survive without the other as they work in unison.

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