Nostradamus on December 21, 2012

Posted: September 24, 2012 in 2012, world view
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A mysterious book of cryptic prophecies has been discovered at the National Library in Rome, and there is evidence to suggest that it is the final work of the most famous and controversial prophet in the history of the world, Nostradamus. Even more startling than the discovery of the book, though, are the warnings it contains, which were so blasphemous and frightening in their time that they may have been intentionally suppressed until now. A brand-new special examines the life’s work of Nostradamus and the evidence and contents of this startling discovery in LOST BOOK OF NOSTRADAMUS,The predictions of Nostradamus were in agreement with the scientist of today that the solar system will pass through the galactic plane of the Milky Way galaxy, as the earth enters its 25,800 year precession. When this happens, the gravitational wave, which exist as a flat plane along the equatorial region of the milky way sends this across any passing solar system, including Earth and the Sun, causing earthquakes in both Sun and all the planets. In this region there are broken planets and asteroids that may cause near massive object collision with earth, but also as the solar system passes the equatorial region will the planets, including earth shifts its rotation. According to Nostradamus, when this passes, whole continents will be under water in a matter of 6-10 hours, where most of Asia will be underwater, but also other coastal regions. The land will sink fast and responsible for most of the destruction, but during this passing the earth will lose its orbit around the sun, massive earthquakes starts from the polar shifts and gravitational waves bringing on earthquake and sinking of continents.

soldier shall bThe spokes of wheel disappears in one of Nostradamus drawings which signifies that earth will no longer be in orbit or following cycles, and hence the disappearance of spokes. The sinking of land will also experience land underwater coming out at the same time, and will take matter of hours for a land to sink 2000 feet under the ocean much like Atlantis, which was about 2200 feet, located off the coast of Cuba. Nostradamus belonged to the secret society and this is known by the secret society too and symbolism matches his used, but because this knowledge was secret did Nostradamus had to plan the event to be “discovered” more than 500 years later. It should be noted that Nostradamus planned many things before he died, such as the metal plates to be put on his chest, with 1781, which was the date he predicted that his corpse would be dug up and a French soldier would drink liquor from his skull, whereupon, the e shot from his back and died of a gunshot wounds.  Nostradamus predicted land sinking very quickly, solar flares, gamma radiation during the passing of the equatorial plane of the Galaxy. This rift is located between the zodiac sign of the Saggitarius and Scorpio. The arrows of the Saggitarius points to the dark rift, which is the gravitational waves emitting from the black hole, and incident which happens every 11,000 years, an event where the drawings of Nostradamus predicted three eclipses before this event to occur. The culmination of this event is expected to occur similar to the Mayans on 21 December 2012. It should be noted that gravitational waves causes earthquakes both on the Sun and Earth and its frequency increases dramatically as we approach closer to 2012, starting late 1990s. When this happens the Sun experiencing earthquakes sends out massive solar flares to the earth with more frequency and the earth should have experience global cooling, due to the sun spot cycle,which it didn’t because of the frequency of solar flares. As a result global warming will accelerate. According to Nostradamus, people will experience both extreme fire, heat from global warming, which technically is more like solar system warming, but this gets to the extreme as 2012 approaches, most of the polar ice caps should melt as this time frame approaches, not just rising of water level, but lands can sink or rise as polar shifts event occur. Near massive objects and meteorites may occur due to the weakening of the Van Allen Belts, for seen by Nostradamus to mentioned, where people who do not experience flooding, they will experience fire and burning from solar flares and fire, where high areas are risk, and low areas at risk from flooding. Interestingly, Nostradamus points the entry of the Age of Aquarius, after 21 December 2012. During this period major wars will escalate for resources, according to Nostradamus, between the Christians and the Muslims faith. The Pope is prominent in Nostradamus lost books, but interestingly the three rings on the head of the pope, might have signifies the three rings of Power, that controls most of the world, Washington D.C., City of London, and the Vatican. All three area has the Egyptian obelisks and important high level secret society symbolism that they are indeed connected in power, that people called the New World Order, but this power is not shared with the Muslim world, China, or Russia, and hence the war, that some say is the Armageddon.

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  2. Rick Brown says:

    See you all on the 22nd!

  3. khalid says:

    December 21 is the end of the world. So please, if you want, here’s my Paypal account:….send all your money to my account before you die on December 21…thanks and you all be rewarded in heaven…

  4. VICTOR says:

    All that’s in this site is absolutely true.But more to that is that people refusing to believe is part of the Biblical version of the prophecy

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