Special Report: U.S. ‘No problems’ with Iran in strait

Posted: September 21, 2012 in 2012, world news
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Deliberate provocation on the part of the elites, and no commitment to our own Constitution means that all the citizens of the world are being dragged into a global conflagration among nuclear powers.

Untold numbers of souls will die.

If humanity ever needed a WARNING, it is NOW.

According to Hopi elders, The Star Brothers (ET’s) will not allow any kind of use of nuclear or any other hi-tech warfare, “This are the 6 months of mercy on planet earth before 21 of December 2012, and the Star Brothers have disabled all weapons of mass destruction on the planet” says Hopi elders.
So, I guess the only thing they are doing right now is generating fear among the population on the planet, but it is clear that even that it’s not working for them. Hear is the latest report from the US Navy, and guess why it is like it is.

NORFOLK, Va., Sept. 20 (UPI) — The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, patrolling the Strait of Hormuz near the Persian Gulf, hasn’t been threatened by Iran, a commander said.

The U.S. military has deployed assets to the Persian Gulf region in an effort to provide security to key shipping lanes in the Strait of Hormuz.

A commander on board the USS Eisenhower said the carrier has made three passes through the key strait since arriving in July. U.S. Capt. Marcus Hitchcock, the ship’s commander, was quoted by Bloomberg News saying there have been “no problems” with the Iranians.

“We have not threatened. They have not threatened,” he said.

Iranian navy Rear Adm. Ali Fadavi said this month that the lives of U.S. troops are at risk should the military act in the region.

“Should a (single) bullet fly in the Persian Gulf, it will definitely be to the detriment of the United States and its allies,” he was quoted by Iran’s state-funded broadcaster Press TV as saying.

Hitchcock described the Iranian navy as “professional,” noting he’s dealt with the rival military power “almost on a daily basis.”

Iran this week was accused by the United States of ferrying weapons to the Syrian military.


As we are rapidly approaching the infamous 21 December, 2012, I see more and more news stories of extremists preparing for total annihilation of the human race. But what’s really going to happen? No one knows for sure, of course, but here is what I have gathered from my own personal research into the afterlife, the Maya, the ancient astronaut theory, and from the those who have claimed to possess the answer.


1. Disregarding the Nonsense:
Firstly, one must be aware that there is much nonsense related to 21/12/12. Out of mere curiosity, I spent a significant amount of the last two months researching this date and its alleged significance. One of the first things that is plain is that the world is not going end. The annihilation of the human race is completely out of the question, especially when one views things from an afterlife perspective. Advanced beings tell us that we are heading into a time of great learning and spiritual growth. Since the purpose of the earth is to facilitate such growth, it would be extremely counterproductive to impede that ability at this crucial time. It is my own, considered belief that the earth will only cease to become inhabitable when human beings cease to need it for spiritual growth – and we are far from that point.
It is also should be pointed out that the Maya themselves never said that the world would end on this date, as some have claimed. It is curious that they chose to end their calendar at this date, but I’ll get to that later in this post. Maya hieroglyphs actually seem to be rather vague, as far as I can tell, about what is supposed to occur at the end of their calendar. However, some authentic sources predict the gods’ return on that day.

2. The Mayan Calendar:
The actual Mayan Calendar is a very accurate, intriguing piece of the Maya civilization. Maya culture actually used three different calendar cycles, all of which were of different lengths and thus ended at different points in time. The Maya specified that all three of these calendars started on what we would call August 11 of 3114 B.C.. They have all ended at various times and started again but, the entire calendar itself ends when all three of the smaller calendars line up at 0 again – which is 21 December, 2012 A.D. on our calendar.
Maya civilization did not begin to flourish until around 250 B.C.. For that reason, it is rather odd that they chose to begin their calendar just about 2,000 years before their own civilization began. The Maya called this the creation date. No actual Mayan writings foretell the ending the of the world upon the calendar reaching its end, but they occasionally reference the return of the gods.

3. Other Cultures:
All other cultures and religions share this same prediction: that the gods (or, in some cases, God) will one day return for some purpose. Christians await the Second Coming of Christ; Jews await their Messiah; Muslims wait for the Day of Judgement; Hindus still seek the final incarnation of Vishnu. Almost all native american religions also share this belief, that the gods will return to the earth.
It seems as though all religions are waiting for some major event to happen. Why? These are diverse religions with radically different beliefs, which started thousands of years apart on different corners of the globe, and yet none of them claim to be complete or fulfilled. It could be that telling the people to expect something major will ensure that the populous is faithful and cooperative, but that seems rather doubtful to me. In my opinion, these cultures all started from a common background. Their ancestors all received the same/similar information, but interpreted it differently.


4. The Gods:
All ancient cultures worshipped similar, if not identical, gods. These were physical gods, not spiritual. They could be tricked, they were vengeful, and they displayed human emotions and traits – they were entirely different from the Jesus’s depiction of God and Spirit. The ancient Sumerian, Native American, and Canaanite gods had the same adventures and battles that the Greek, Roman, and Norse gods all shared – often with the same results. The flood myth even appears in all of them. The names change as one moves from culture to culture naturally. For example, Asgard in Norse Myth is the equivalent of Olympus in Greek myths, but many of the events which take place in that area are the same.
Why? It seems that all these stories and myths likely sprang, as did civilization, from one original source. There is a theory, called the Ancient Astronaut Theory, that explains this rather well. According to this theory, early human civilization was jump-started (either genetically, physically, or both) by a species of humanoid extraterrestrials. In my opinion, many parts of this theory make perfect sense and seem to explain what theology, archaeology, and anthropology fail to. I now can say with relative certainty that intelligent life and civilization on earth had extraterrestrial origins. As for the exact details though, it is much harder to be sure. What was the motive of these extraterrestrials? What was their nature? Will they return? I have no definite answer for these questions at all, but I continue my research!
But, for the purposes of this thread, I think it is safe to say that the return of extraterrestrials is certainly a possibility. If they were here once, and there is significant evidence that they were, then I don’t see why they could not return. While, as I say above, the exact nature of these aliens is unknown, I do not think we need fear any malevolent alien attacks on the planet.
I’m sure that there are some alien civilizations out there which are malevolent – not by basic nature, but by naiveté. (Meaning that evil aliens do not exist, but misguided ones do – just as with humans. For example, the Nazi’s were not evil themselves, but their intentions were incredibly misguided and dangerous. The same thing could theoretically happen with an alien race.) In fact, I would classify the human race as one of those civilizations. We have greater weapons than knowledge, and our technology is increasing more rapidly than our ability to control and understand it from a spiritual perspective – this makes us dangerous, whether we meant to be or not. I would believe though, that any extraterrestrial civilization which developed the ability to travel to the earth would be far too advanced spiritually to be malevolent. We would be talking about a civilization that is thousands, or perhaps even millions, of years more advanced than our own. (If they were malevolent, fighting such advanced technology would be akin to a single toddler with a toy gun fighting the entire United States Army at once – completely futile. We seem to be pretty safe though, and we do have protection.)

5. Spiritual Elevation:
Another possibility is that 21/12/12 will actually be an uprising of spiritual consciousness and awareness by the human race. There is a lot of information (although most of it is probably garbage) about this type of elevation in/on New Age books and websites. I tend to think that this elevation is inevitable in the future, and that is has already begun. The evidence certainly supports that. I highly doubt though, that it will be completed on a certain date. No matter how high one elevates oneself, there is always a higher place to reach. What is possible though is that something will occur on this date that will one day be seen as the beginning/determining event of this elevation of consciousness.
Interesting enough, this possibility need not exclude anything extraterrestrial. In fact, afterlife literature talks of alien civilizations whose main goal is to help us evolve. Some of these beings may be physical, but others are apparently inter-dimensional and guide us from a Summerland-like area. In New Age circles, these aliens are usually called “Pleiadians”, since they apparently come from the Pleiades – a cluster of Nordic stars. I honestly have no idea how accurate that name/description is, but the evidence does tell us that “aliens” are watching out for us.
That being said, it is perhaps possible that these non-human visitors will expose themselves to the whole of humanity on a certain date, as they may have done in the past, to jumpstart the process of spiritual transformation. I’m not really sure, but there is certainly a connection between the references to elevated consciousness, and the presence of extraterrestrials. For the time being, however, I remain uncertain about just what that connection is.

6. Conclusion:
In conclusion, I remain unsure as to whether or not there will be a single event that will completely alter the course of human history. But I do know, with absolute certainty that, if such an event occurs, it will be a positive event. I know this because all  literature says, expressly, that nothing supernatural/natural will alter mankind’s ability to learn spiritually in a negative way. Now, that being said, it is still our responsibility to ensure that we do not destroy ourselves through nuclear warfare and the like. We have free will, so that facet of our future is in our own hands.
If an event is destined to occur at some point in the future, I would say that it will be a major event (all though it may not seem so major at the time) which will effect our level of consciousness and how we view ourselves spiritually. This may be apparent, while the event is occurring, or it may not be noted until centuries later. Either way, it’s rather exciting, as it will almost certainly happen within our lifetimes!
Concerning extraterrestrials, I know that afterlife literature supports the fact that we are being helped by certain types of inter-dimensional and physical beings which are not of this earth. Therefore, I can safely conclude that these advanced beings, which are a part of our current spiritual elevation process, will likely be a part of any such elevation event that occurs in the future. Perhaps this is what the Maya were looking forward to? Who knows? It’s an exciting time to be alive though!

  1. Beckie says:

    I have not checked in here for some time as I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are good quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

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