Scientists: All Religious Books Are Man-Made Nonsense

Posted: September 13, 2012 in MK4D
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“Fables really should be taught as fables, myths as myths, and miracles as poetic fancies. To teach superstitions as truths is a most terrible issue.” – Hypatia of Alexandria (370 – 415 Ad)

WASHINGTON DC – USA – Experts at the Institute of Historic Research have ultimately introduced their findings following five years of committed research.

The researchers headed by Medical doctor Julius Sanreso, welcomed the research findings and said that it would be in the pursuits of those who feel in this kind of nonsense as organised religion or creationism to take the fact that spiritual textbooks had been composed by guys as a control system.


“Just feel for one 2nd, if ‘God’ or a ‘messenger of God’ had composed that distinct religious e-book/bible, how occur the writings only occur inside of a very restricted period in human heritage? Also, contemplate the simple fact, that a human producing on a piece of paper, or a few items of paper, is not the term of ‘God’. If they have been truly published by a universal God or entity, the publications would not be restricted to some pre-medievel costume drama but would encompass all universality and science. God would presumably be universal and timeless as nicely as all-understanding, as is the universe, consequently these guy-published publications and scriptures, are just that, guy-composed nonsense employed to control men and girls thousands of years in the past. Why would ‘God’ write something anyhow? One need to contemplate the truth that, even now, there are religious zealots and normal people nevertheless entrenched in a control notion system that is so much taken out from fact that it borders on madness. There is no rational or scientific way that organised religions can have a modicum of fact or factual actuality since of the quite explanation that these books are entombed in the time that they had been composed. These textbooks really should for that reason just be seen as limited parables and historic fiction and as a lesson in how hundreds of thousands of folks can be very easily managed.”

The research paper also arrived to the conclusion that reward/punishment religions, as control systems, have been losing their grip on most of the population of the planet and only a few die-challenging fanatics and delusional maniacs were carrying on with the flame of idiocy.

“The game is up for all religions, how long can this sham have on, with their ridiculous outdated ceremonies? The priests are deceivers, and they need to occur up with some rather radical answers to their thousand year old magic trick. Folks are not as dumb or effortlessly swayed as they employed to be countless numbers of years back, they truly have reasoning powers and can see through the utter nonsense of organised control systems like religion.”

The dilemma for the world’s political leaders, is that slowly, human beings who had been managed for so numerous years by fictitious writings, might quickly drop their managed ‘faith’. This could be fairly hazardous, because it would indicate that these men and women would all of a sudden wake up and realise that they have been fooled for so prolonged by being communally hypnotised.

“We ought to make sure that the individuals who have been fooled for so long by fictitious notion systems utilised to control people do not get as well indignant when they realise that what they think in is nonsense written by humans. This could be dangerous for culture, so we should possibly enable them have on believing their fiction or attempt to by some means support them when they realise the real truth,” Dr Sanreso explained.

The research paper will be published in its entirety in 2015.

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