“Death Penalty” For Cancer Patients in Greece as Health Care Collapses

Posted: September 12, 2012 in MK4D
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Cancer patients have reached the point of not being able to take their medication because they have no money to buy them as pharmacists protest the national health care organisation EOPYY and do not give prescription medicine on credit. At the same time hospitals postpone cancer surgeries due to retention of physicians. The huge debts of EOPYY send cancer patients directly to death, said cancer patients who launched a protest rally.

Banner: “Death Penalty in effect for Cancer Patients without Drugs and Doctors”

“Drugs for cancer can cost from €80 to €4000 per month. There are patients who paid these medication out of their own pockets in June and EOPPY has not refunded the amount yet. Due to lack of money, cancer patients can not buy their medication, “said Rodoula Tsalousidou, vice president of the Association of Women with Breast Cancer in the prefecture of Thessaloniki.

“On the other hand, due to the retention of doctors last week, from the 10 scheduled surgeries in Theagenion Hospital only five were performed.”

State hospital physicians in Thessaloniki are on retention claiming their payments from work on duty. 

The members of the Board of the Association visited today, Wednesday, the offices of EOPYY in Thessaloniki and briefed the local branch director about the problems they face because of the EOPYY debts to the pharmacists and because of the protests of hospital doctors.

Apart from Thessaloniki, cancer patients and associations of other chronic-ill held protest rallie sin Athens and Iraklio, Crete.


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