Countries where prostitution is legal

Posted: September 12, 2012 in MK4D, sex
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There are many such countries where prostitution is legal and thus forms a significant part of the economy complete with taxes and protection to the prostitutes while Prostitution, the word may sound dirty and offensive to most of us who live in a ‘civilized society’.


Hatred, shame, harassment and exploitation make up the world for these second class citizens popularly known as prostitutes. They are well accustomed to this smothered life where they adjust to the new situation for the sake of their living. It may sound unpleasant but prostitution is not a walk in the park for pleasure for these deceived souls who have been dragged by ruthless morons into this filthy business or have been forced by the circumstances to earn their livelihood in such manner. In countries like Greece, where prostitution and brothel ownerships are appreciated within legal limits, it has contributed in elevating its economy by up to 25%.There is a strong case for legalizing prostitution in view of such ripe results, like Nevada is the only state in U.S where the authorities have legalized prostitution under licensed brothels. In between, look at the case of this 15-year old school girl in U.K who earned thousands of Euros in a year through prostitution by working at nights and taking her classes in the morning. Bolstered by such cases, other countries have now openly sanctioned prostitution within legal parameters and regulations thus there are many countries where prostitution is now legal. While some nations have legalized prostitution solely, the others have opened the gates for legalized brothel ownership and pimping (soliciting customer for a prostitute) as well. This list includes Indonesia, Netherlands, Singapore, New Zealand, Venezuela etc. Discrimination still very much remains, in Turkey its 15,000 registered prostitutes serving 56 brothels can’t get married and their children are barred from occupying high rank army, although they can serve in other areas of government service. Legalizing prostitution, brothel ownership and pimping is not a way sorted for the sex workers as they still are short of medical check-ups and license to work so as to get their earnings under security zones, as urged by more than 60,000 sex workers in Peru in 2007. A similar voice was raised by a strong nerved Canadian prostitute, Nikki Thomas who confidently came out in media and spoke about the rights she and others (like her) should get as being a part of the so-called ‘modern society’ they serve. According to her, prostitutes are afraid and are NOT ALLOWED to unveil their lives the way she did. It really calls for guts to stand right in between the crowd and scream for the rights which are hard to get. Precisely, the truth may be cut-throat, but the life which sex workers live is bedded with thorns and they can’t even cry out loud accept suffering silently, reluctantly. Why? ‘Family Responsibility’ or ‘Clutched in Indebtedness of some slanderer’ you know! Anyway, coming back to the point, indeed many countries including Germany, Peru have started permitting weekly check-ups and guidelines have been penned down to check if children below 18 years of age are not thrown into the business while child prostitutes are mostly found and rescued in countries like Bangladesh, Thailand, India, Iraq and Afghanistan where sex industry is still booming, no matter if it’s considered illegal!Unlike countries where prostitution is legal, situation is much murkier in the countries where it is not as prostitutes have to deal with police action.

Legalizing prostitution in many countries does not signify their open-mindedness but hidden helplessness because this business can neither be stopped nor be controlled. Prostitution has been one of the oldest professions and it is so much deeply rooted in the society that now it has become nearly impossible to hunt for the traces

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