Mono Atomic Gold / Mind-Spirit Transfer (Part 1)

Posted: September 10, 2012 in MK4D
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One of the major goals of Alchemy was “The preparation of aurum portabile, liquid gold, a sovereign remedy, because gold being itself perfect could produce perfection in the human frame.” -quoted from The History of Chemistry. Gold has long been called the metal of wisdom by the Illuminati. The Illuminati are well aware of the alchemical quest to create the correct type of gold which will bring enlightenment to the world. The Rabbi’s, who know the Cabala, have considered the secret of white powdered gold the greatest secret of all times. Somehow the Egyptian Pharaoh’s had learned the secret of how to make white powdered gold which when seen up close is transparent–like the gold described in the Bible as making up the streets in heaven.


This gold is monotonic (with molecules in a high spin state), and looks like baking flour. It greatly enhances the pineal gland, and a similar substance of iridium greatly enhances the pituitary gland. Regular yellow gold or gold salts will cause the hair of the subject to fall out, but white gold is safe to ingest. After ingesting the white gold for over 9 months, a subject will become extremely psychic and disease free. The person’s body will also glow. Whether the Illuminati discovered this white gold, and have been using it secretly when their adepts went into hiding for months of long training, or whether they were only playing with substitutes we cannot say. (By the way, some occult groups groom slaves in the craft for 24 hours a day for a year.) At any rate, in recent years a man named David Hudson, who is of the Holy Blood line (13th Illuminati Bloodline, of the de Guise lineage), discovered and patented white gold. He named the white gold Ormus, which is the occult name for the Prieure de Sion.

Ormus also pertains to Gnosticism in the ancient world. Ormus is also the Hebrew words for “golden tree”, which David finds appropriate since this white gold is the elixir of life that the sho-bread (& manna) was made from. This is said to be the reason the Priest glowed when he came out of the Holy of Holies, after eating the sho-bread.

This is a Mind-Spirit transfer, done by the 1.twinning traumas, 2. channeling, 3. telepathic communication, and 4. astral projection so that all slaves worldwide are being pulled into one single interlinked Demonic One World Mind – this is the so called ‘hive mind‘ characteristic of the Reptilian alien groups that dominate and interbreed with the human Illuminati. We do not understand how white gold and iridium help the body become a semi-conductor so that the body is highly psychic, but it does. We hope to find out more. David Hudson has the patent (U.S. patent and some international patents) on white gold. There are a number of scientific studies on white gold which verify the power of white gold on the human body. (End of Part 1)

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